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Thread: Shattered Sky - NEW Dragon Tales Event

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    I sent invite to JTM101phone. I am also stuck at 19. Maybe we can help each other

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    Thanks to everyone that helped me. Collecting runestones now. Will be around to respond to any requests if they come in.

    On a related note: I wish the gold cost would decrease with every item received/battle played/runestone collected/etc. Might be more willing to spend gold if it did if I had needed a couple.

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    I am still stuck at 17 bottles moon right now, I have added 10 more neighbors since 3 pm today and requests for bottle moon sent, but nothing change,still 17. I am not spending any gold to get the final prize although I have 9 gold producing dragon, one dragon less doesn't make any different, I even can't remember what dragon I have because of too many.

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    thanks again to all who added me. Not sure if my requests have gone through, still waiting on that last bottle! If anyone needs some too send me your requests, I am resetting and checking every few minutes!

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    Thank you to all that responded to my requests for bottle moon, don't think I will get the last prize - my total is holding at 18, must have gotten a couple of stray maps!

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    I am here sitting in disbelief. I sent out my requests for moon bottles since early morning and have been at 18 for the longest while. After being stuck at 17 for about 6 hours, I sent a request to stormie and lo and behold I received a bottle from stormie a couple hours later. I'm certain that I received no maps so my daily allotment of 20 should still stand. I'm expecting the game time to be extended since this problem seems very widespread and we have TL staff members monitoring these forums. I have 4 20 hour crops waiting to be harvested so I can collect my 120 runestones and I can't spend 100 gold to skip this act at this time.

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    I just sent you an invite. I am stuck on 18.

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    Send invite to LynniesDragons & we can help each other. I'm stuck on 18 too.

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    Thanks to all who helped me get all of my bottles. I will continue to check for bottle requests. Add me and I will respond.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilliDee View Post
    Thank you DragonVille for my last bottle. Collecting 5 hour food from 7 farms gave me 87 rune stones. With under four hours left, I'm going to plant one hr food and hope for the best. At least if I have to 55 gold is more palatable to spend than 155. Thanks again to the forum because I'm sure that's where DragonVille's request came from. THANK YOU. Very sorry for those still stuck. Trust me I DO understand the frustration. I hope it works out for you too!!
    You are good to exceed 120 runestones.
    87+70=157 runestones.
    You will get
    70 runestones=7farms*4*2.5*1hr.crop

    You will get 87+35=122 runestones
    after planting 7 farms with Rushrooms
    35runestones= 7farms*2*2.5*1hr.crop

    So you will complete Ch10 with 2hrs to spare. Well done.

    This DT is really hard to
    complete & easy to slip up and we cannot control the outcome(unless you spend gold).
    We can only maximize the odds of finishing.
    The 20 bottles is causing a lot of stress as the number of posts needing 1 more or just a few more bottles with the countdown timer
    ticking away show. Many more do not post but are just as stressed. DS used to be relaxing, fun to play but now ...

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