Shattered Tuftkin - (Card)
Storable: Yes
Info: Shattered Tufkins can help you find Earth Wisps, Living Wood, and more!
Type: Decoration
Class: Animals
Source: Event
Crafted in: Ember Cave // Trade Wagon
Size: 1x1
Requirements: 125 gems // 50 Tufkin Fur // 150 Shell Token
Sell: item cannot be sold!
Drops: Coins, Wood, Living Wood, Glimmerdust, Earth Wisp, Fur, Rat Tail, Creep Tooth, Fey Crystal
Events: Queen of the Ember Realm - December 2017, Beast Master - May 2019
Production: 15 minutes
Prod. Speed-up: 1 gems
Collection: 300 minutes // 5 hours
Coll. Speed-up: 20 gems
Cap: 99
Comments: Initial production time: 1 hour.