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Thread: New sales & special offers | new main thread for sales etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by AinoDK View Post
    The aquamarine ali is stated as capped at 99, which makes sense at it is also in the tent, but I have 4, and don't have it in the market
    Thanks for uploading that list ShibuyaCloth. I am so grateful.

    The Spellbound cap is listed as 2. I have 1 and it's not anywhere in the market for me either.

    I also have Ivy's bakery on sale for 100 gems:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    (From the Hub
    Ivy's Bakery (2x2) limit 1 cost 200 gems. Comes fully built. Cannot be sold
    Available at: level 22
    Collection time: 24 hours
    Drops: 2 drops of either: Silver platter, Ivy's hot sauce, Skunkupies, Super yummy pies, Syrup, Bread, Orange cobbler, Flour
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    The cabbage hut is listed as cap 3. I have 2 and not able to buy more. Not too sure if I would anyway though. The cabbages stock up enough with 2.
    Not accepting new neighbours in bakery story at the moment. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavegirl1 View Post
    From my understanding and looking at my place, these are all new plots that were not previously available.
    Thank you for this post! I had assumed that the plots where previously available and that I wouldn't have them because I have expanded so much. Took a peek and there they were, new and discounted!
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    I really like the way the Valkrie looks, but man, is she expensive! Especially now that the gems have gone up in price, it's really difficult to want to buy her, even though she is beautiful. She would have to drop daily high energy, Expansion Permits, and gold nuggets to be worth that price!

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    On my lower level kingdom I see the pastel ali, but it says locked by goal? Any ideas?

    I probably wouldn't buy it anyway because I bought 4 of the flower power ali and 4 of of the faerie Ali's. That gives me 11 dailies. That's where my level 50 kingdom was just a few months ago until I got the MRC. My lower level kingdom is 31 in case that's the issue.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Slrasnake1 View Post
    No, we learned this lesson the hard way when s8 did the 1st event like this. You have to open the plot or it will go back to full price but give you credit for what you paid.
    Maybe. I didn?t get credit for lanterns or coins. Mine went back to full price for everything, no credit for what I had already paid.

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    I just bought an Aquamarine Ali, and it counted towards the tent goal.
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    Anyone knows what Valkyre drops yet?

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    One of my newly purchased flower power Alis just dropped 100 energy!!! I bought 12 originally and given the awesome drops I've increased my herd to a total of 20 flower Alis

    I've not bought anything else - i'm too practical to fall for that overpriced Valkyrie. And still waiting for the release of the new storm pets to see if there's anything worth my gems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbyrae View Post
    When you click on the expansion area affected by the "sale" you see something like this:
    Attachment 51305

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    Thanks! I must have clicked on non-sale ones.

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