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Thread: Beast Master double points

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    Beast Master double points

    Saved up all the things all the things I'd crafted during the event (purrfect sword/boots/hat) to cash in when I had enough gems to get double points for the hour. Apparently, you can only turn in one of each for the double points. Because then it says "new delivery coming soon" for the next 57 minutes. What a waste!

    Just trying to save y'all from wasting gems. Don't fall for it!!

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    There is a 2 minutes cool down for each item you give!
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    It took the entire hour for all three. Watched the clock for 57 minutes. Logged off, logged in "New delivery coming soon". Logged off, logged in, again, again, and again "New delivery coming soon". It must only do this when you pay gems for double points. These greedy companies with their silly, dirty tricks. Hope you didn't waste your gems too! To me, 10 gems is a lot!! 😁

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    There was definitely something wrong with your game. Like Shibuya said, the screen refreshes every 2 minutes, so your connection must not have been very strong. While the results are being collated, why don't you contact Support and see if they can be added? After 2 minutes when mine wasn't refreshing, I clicked on the social menu so my game would sync with the servers and then the screen came up. I only ever did a boost when I gave my items, so it's not using the boost that causes the issues. Sorry you didn't get to deliver your items....

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    No, my "connection" was fine. The rest of the game worked. It's just a trap to get you to waste gems, so you potentially spend real money. It's sleazy, but whatever. The point of this was just to warn others not to waste their 10 gems.

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