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Thread: 3-wings Sabretooth Dragon!

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    3-wings Sabretooth Dragon!

    So I went doing some arena battles today and this happened.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    At first I thought it's just the dragon was oddly designed but then I meet him the second shortly after that and notice icon and image before entering the battle he actually only has 2 wings. Ds got mutant dragons now (not Mutant Dragon-capitalized name, if S8 would decide to actually make a dragon like that)

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    Looks like your preview for your Dragon loaded incorrectly. Let us know if you encounter this again.

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    Hi there. I just had he same thing in the arena - a three winged Sabretooth. Just thought thought I would let you know.

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    Looks like level 10+ stage has 3 wings. I'll report this over. :P

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