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Thread: Coins, coins and yet more coins!

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    Coins, coins and yet more coins!

    Please Storm8, please consider how we can spend our coins. Maybe upgrading habitats using a million coins? Or purchasing Fantasy critters for ten million? Or a million coins equals a gem or two? My creatures are frantically making money for me and all I can do is store it. I've passed the billion (or thousand million depending which country). Expansions would also be greatly appreciated. Lots of eggs awaiting in storage.

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    right, I have millions of coins and nothing to spend them on!
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    Takes forever to get those freaking bombs. I'm running out of space, and fast. I already had to sell super rares because of this.

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    If you have more than enough coins, there is a way to get rid of it. :-)
    You can lose 156.000 coins each hour if you want, and the additional benefit is you get 1800 food as gratitude. At least if you have 6 big farms, like me. Just plant and harvest charm cherries. ( 1 hour, 300 food, cost 26.000 coins )
    I'm doing this almost every day, a lot. And my amount of food grows really fast, but my coins stays almost the same. Just a suggestion.

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    Coins are issue for low level players, but when you're higher than 50 level, you have literally no use from them. I've sold few weeks ago all my big dark and electric habitats, and bought 32 small ones. And I still have 21 million coins, and spin-to-win also gives me coins, and tournaments, and everything else too. I have no use from them, and I'm planting only nexus nuts and charm cherries. It will be good to make some animals/habitats available for coins for higher level players, even if they are for 10 or 20 millions...

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    Would it be possible to have even more "expensive" things to grow with higher yeild of food... lots of animals to feed but even with charm cherries and nexus nuts not enough to feed them all!!

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    I completely agree with everything that has been said here!

    I have been playing this game for a few years. I have over a billion coins. I no longer evolve animals unless it directly benefits an event because every time I harvest I receive millions of coins. AND THERE IS NOTHING TO SPEND THEM ON.

    New animals? - gems only
    New habitats? - gems only, usually offered at a "discount" during an event
    Runes? - you need explosives which only come through breeding but there is a cap on expansion space and amount of runes able to hold
    Expansion? - only with runes and the amount gets higher and higher every couple of expansions yet the $1mil price tag stays the same.
    Food? - I only plant nexus nuts and charm cherries but still keep gaining coins!

    I think you Storm8 should have a new food like 'Golden Grapes' that cost like, 500k or even 1mil for 24 hours and you get 10, 15, or even 25k of food.
    We should be able to purchase gems with coins because we earned it, even if it's like 5 or 10million = 1 gem. People would do it!
    Put gems on the Spin to Win! Wheel. Allow runes to be purchased for ridiculous prices such as 1 or 5 million and people would do it!

    This game is catered toward gems. We get it. Even I have purchased gems because I wanted to buy a gem animal and it's the ONLY way to acquire it now. But the game isn't as fun as it used to be. There is a glass ceiling. We keep receiving decoration items but we have no room to place them because habitats take all the space and there is an expansion limit. Please take what we say seriously. We want to play but it's no longer enjoyable.

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    It really is sad that you play for a certain amount of time and the thrill starts fading! What are we supposed to be working towards after so long? I have too many coins, not enough expansions to hatch all my animals uhhhgggg. If they would only listen to the players ��

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    Too Many Coins

    Please, can we have some more ways to use coins. I'm a long time player. I currently have over a billion coins. It's crazy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiamat68 View Post
    Please, can we have some more ways to use coins. I'm a long time player. I currently have over a billion coins. It's crazy!
    I hate the fact we can't do anything with the coins except for battling and breeding and buying habitats.
    I want a fair event once every moment where you can buy things, exchange for animals. Maybe around 50 mill for Super rares, Or 15 mil for commons. Depending on the rarity.
    Maybe buy food or limited decor?
    Maybe buy habitats that are very small?
    Maybe exchange 100,000 coins for 1 gem or 10 gems?
    I have around 150 mil and I am ready.

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    I wish there is a fair event where we can trade coins for food, runes, animals, gems, habitats, etc. For a reasonable price. Maybe 15 mil for a common or 50 mil for a rare.

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