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Thread: TGT Presents... The Chemist, the Cat and the Time Machine

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    TGT Presents... The Chemist, the Cat and the Time Machine

    Inspired by some of the quite brilliant storylines that forum favourite pixiegamer has conjured up in the past, I'm going to bring you a tall tale over the course of the next few weeks which will hopefully inspire you as much as pixiegamer's efforts inspired me. I'm proud to announce the premiere of The Chemist, the Cat and the Time Machine, a Restaurant Story production which I've been plotting for a good while.

    The Chemist, the Cat and the Time Machine
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    Our story begins at my restaurant, The Garlic Tree, but not in its usual surroundings. For the first time, I've opened the doors to the basement of my diner, which turns out to be a more interesting place than you'd ever believe...

    Down here is a hive of activity as the Mad Chemist runs a laboratory alongside his Lab Assistant. Among the experimental areas in operation are a maze aimed at advancing artificial intelligence using a Robo Dog, and a biology lab where plants are put under Detective Phoebe's microscope.

    And when all the deep thinking gets too much, the Chemist heads to his Steampunk space for a break.

    He likes to take a lie down on the Steampunk Couch and casually spin the Steampunk Globe. Although it's not all relaxing here as there's a not so soothing view of the abandoned corner.

    This is like a scene out of Halloween, not just because the Zombie Waiter's eyes are popping out of his head, but also because of the creepy Spider Stone flooring and messy Lobster Mayhem. Luckily the disorganisation of this zone is not replicated in the kitchen, where Biscuits and Gravy is the order of the day.

    I promised a story, and this is where it begins. My neighbours will be well aware that the Biscuits and Gravy is often all that is on the menu at The Garlic Tree, and this is why (as well as its excellent profit per plate!) The Chemist may be a very clever man, but like many fine scientists he does not possess a stash of creativity. And that takes us to the centrepiece in this laboratory, which is the Time Machine.

    The Chemist has been developing this behemoth of a contraption alongside his Lab Assistant for a long time and now they are clutching the final ingredient for this great machine - the fuel! They're ready to toast their work and go on a journey through time and space in which they hope to find new and exciting dishes they can bring back to The Garlic Tree!

    Next: Stop #1 - The Dawn of Time
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    Very catchy title! I just had to stop by to see what has been going on down there in your basement! I loved your intro, and look forward to the next installment of your captivating saga!

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    Oh, you... I'm very flattered I could inspire something so awesome! Can't wait to see where that time machine will take us
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    This seems so cute and your restaurant is amazing, even if it's just for a story right now! <3

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    Stop #1 - Dawn of Time

    Previous: Introduction

    It turns out that the fuel the Chemist has spent so long concocting is much more powerful than even he could ever have envisaged. Upon splashing a generous portion into the Time Machine's inner bowels, our pioneers experienced an intense rattle and a thundering roar before the world began to spin around them.

    Once silence descended and the adventurers adjusted to their new surroundings, the Cat gathered with some alarm that they had found their way to the Dawn of Time itself.

    Never had the voyagers anticipated they'd travel quite so far back. But despite their shock and trepidation, they weren't about to miss out on the chance of a thousand lifetimes. Peering around, the Chemist was astounded to see that the early universe was not the empty vacuum it is typically painted to be. Instead a busy crossroads met his eye.

    Enclosed by the Railroad Crossings, the time travellers have stumbled upon a congested corner of the galaxy where unmanned Coin-Operated Rockets are chugging along. Some of the rockets are still in motion as indicated by the trails of Dotted Tiles at the rear, while others are at a standstill. It seems that queues were prevalent even when the universe was still in its embryonic stage!

    There is some serenity in this sector of space, and it can be found on the other side of the Chemist and the Cat's location.

    The Moon Landing and its bright exterior has docked on a rocky terrain that resembles a City Sidewalk, and the craft looks imperious on the small surface of the Moon. The single astronaut has not only planted her flag but also her comfy seat. She's the Deck Reader and having made such an effort to get to the Moon is now enjoying a cool glass of cola and a good read. Her puppy dog has also made the trip and is clearly exhausted from the excursion having curled up for a snooze.

    But remember: the Chemist and the Cat have a reason for visiting this strange place, and that is to find a recipe to take home with them.

    The Rocket Fuel Punch is the staple diet of those rockets (along with the coins to operate them!) and so is a fine choice for the crew to take back to the present day. It sits proudly alongside the Biscuits and Gravy which the Cat demanded be brought with them from home. Not only will the punch fuel the customers at The Garlic Tree but also provide a vital back-up should the worst happen and the Time Machine runs out of puff.

    But with the journey only just getting under way, that won't be happening any time soon!

    Next: Stop #2 - The Animal Kingdom
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    Oh do I love the deck chair reader on the moon, rawr!!
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    Too cool... As an English Composition professor, I give it an A+.
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    Haha, so much fun!

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