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Thread: Castle Story 6/2: Search and Rescue, Part 3

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    Castle Story 6/2: Search and Rescue, Part 3

    Search and Rescue, Part 3
    Main Storyline. Not timed.
    Goal Pre-requisites: Must have completed The First Flighty Faerie from Search and Rescue Part 2

    Link to Search & Rescue Part 1
    Link to Search & Rescue Part 2
    Link to Search & Rescue Part 3

    Next goal after this is called Betrayal, Part 1
    Link to Main Goal Guide - for pictures:

    * You can have 43 Royal buildings. The number of each of these buildings you can have is limited to your total royal building count.
    * You can have 40 Town buildings. The number of each of these buildings you can have is limited to your total town building count.

    Need more Dire Boars? Found: Cabbage, Cocoa, Strawberry, Glimmer Bulbs, Buildings, Goddess Tree, Multi Flowered Hedge, Mushrooms, Pond, Well, Dire Boar Trap (5 gems), Rock Outcropping
    Need more Piles of Seeds? - Found: conservatory, Glimmer Fountain, Ivy's Petting Zoo, Summer Gazebo, Magic Garden, Goddess Tree, Faerie Respite, faerie flowerbed,
    Need more Blythedust? - Found: chopping pink blythewood trees, Goddess Tree, Level 5 Fairie Bulb
    Need more Bone? - Found: fangbeast, trolls, dire boars, lovecupines, Ivy's hut, troll pit, troll castle, spooky tree, Gentleman Troll (Baron's Tent prize), L10 Colosseum
    Need more Faerie Jar? - Found: Magic garden, Glimmerbulbs, Ivy's hut, Sir Pigglesworth, Faerie bridge, Reindeer Stable, Faerie Pond
    Quote Originally Posted by newpam575 View Post
    I don't think I have seen this posted in this thread. However, the Grow Faeriebulb seeds in the Greenhouse gives me a faerie jar every time or close to every time. I do it quite often because I am always growing glimmerbulbs for the energy trade so I am quite often maxed on Faeriebulb seeds (max is only 50) so I grow Faeriebulbs in the greenhouse.
    Need more Faeries' Murmur? - Found: Faerie tea party, Faerie flowerbed, Faerie respite, Goddess Tree, Trade with faeries, Faerie bridge), Magic garden, Baron's Art Collection (Baron's Tent prize), Glimmer Fountain, Stargazer's Ridge

    Bugs/glitches and fixes!
    1. The goal remaining in your book once you've found Lila is under investigation. Please follow advice in linked thread.

    Posted 7 June. RESOLVED
    Quote Originally Posted by sourp4tch View Post
    Hey everyone! We're currently working on a fix for the issue regarding the first task of Scorched Search reverting once you give Lila to Lady Greselda. I'll update again when the fix is live

    Sorry for the mishap, everyone!
    POSTED June 12
    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritWind00 View Post
    Off topic posts and flaming comments have been removed.

    I have already checked and posted about the number of times and the requirements of the adventure. This is not a bug/glitch. S8 have also responded to posts about this in the Bugs forum. This is a goal that is clearly long term. I have passed on feedback about it to S8.

    Please follow the forum rules when posting or your post will be removed and sent to a Community Manager for review.
    2. Issue posted 16 June: craft for Balm is not available in the Potion Shop RESOLVED
    Quote Originally Posted by sourp4tch View Post
    Hey everyone!

    We pinpointed the problem! Looks like it also affected the Search the Glimmerwood adventure, to give you guys a heads up.

    The fix is in and being tested, I'll update again when it's pushed live

    Sorry about that!
    Quote Originally Posted by PikaSquirrel View Post
    This has been fixed ! You should see the 'Soothing Balm' craft and 'Search the Glimmerwood' adventure should be back now!


    Old Thomas: Oh dear, it seems we have quite the problem on our hands... I hope we can get our fae friends to cooperate well enough to sort things out!
    1. Faerie Feud
    * Construct a Glimmer Faerie House 0/1 BUILD (skip 50 gems)
    * Construct a Blythe Faerie House 0/1 BUILD (skip 50 gems)
    Rewards: 450 coin, 3 xp, 8 Wisp Walls
    Congratulations: Old Thomas - Our builders additionally designed these walls for you! You know... just in case...

    Goals 2 and 3 trigger at the same time.

    Greselda: I know it is not in your nature, Young Ruler, but sometimes one must be firm. We cannot allow hurt feelings to get in the way of protecting the kingdom.
    2. Bristly Grizzy
    * Gain a level 5 Watchtower or Lantern Spire 0/1 BUILD (skip 20 gems) you have to upgrade 1 to level 5 (doesn't matter what level you start with)
    * Visit Level 5 Watchtowers or Lantern Spires 0/20 VISIT (skip 200 gems)
    Rewards: 2050 coin, 8 xp
    Congratulations: Greselda - My word... The forest...!

    Azalea: I don't often worry about Queen Ivinea, she's usually so strong! but, if even she fell to our attacker...
    2a. Witch Knows Best (triggers after completing goal no 2)
    * Take Azalea to Sabina's House 0/1 VISIT (skip 20 gems)
    * Search the Glimmerwood 0/1 GO (skip 25 gems) Castle/Barracks 4 hours - 1 Catfish Soup, 10 Faerie jar, 3 Feral Magic
    Rewards: 2050 coin, 8 xp
    Congratulations: Greselda - My goodness, this is quite the mess... !

    Greselda: If we spread out and focus our attentions, we should be able to take care of this in no time at all.
    2b. Scorched Search (triggers after completing goal no 2a)
    * Find a trail 0/1 SEARCH (skip 250 gems) Lila in now in your inventory. She stays there until goal 2d.
    * Clear Debris 0/10 CHOP (skip 100 gems)
    * Plant New Trees 0/10 PLANT (skip 150 gems)
    Rewards: 3450 coin, 11 xp
    Congratulations: Greselda - This portion of the forest is much better now, thanks to your kind efforts.
    Notes: Patch of grass counted as planting a new tree but not for clearing debris, Dead trees worked for planting as well, clearing 1 iron rich rock ie 8 chops counts as only 1 clear debris, Old log and tree in log count as debris
    (You are searching for Lila! Find a trail will complete once Lila drops)

    Greselda: Bring her to my castle, Young Ruler. I will e able to conduct a full examination there, and accurately determine her condition.
    2c. The Second Saving (triggers after completing goal no 2b)
    * Return to Lady Greselda's Castle 0/1 GO (skip 20 gems)
    Rewards: 450 coin, 3 xp
    Congratulations: Greselda - Now, then, let's take a proper look at her...

    While I appreciate your confidence in my abilities, it is perhaps unwise to get Azalea's hopes up too soon...
    2d. Lila's Lotion(triggers after completing goal no 2c)
    * Entrust Lila to Lady Greselda 0/1 GIVE (once you press Give, Lila leaves your inventory)
    * Craft the Soothing Balm 0/1 MAKE (skip 50 gems) Potion Shop 2 hours | 20 glimmerdust, 30 faeries' murmur, 5 fey crystal
    * Administer the Soothing Balm 0/1 APPLY
    Rewards: 2050 coin, 8 xp
    Congratulations: Azalea - Well? did it work? Is she okay now?

    I have already cleaned and prepared the Glimmer Faerie house for Lila's arrival! Lady Greselda's balm seems to have worked wonders... Lila will be her best again in no time!
    2e. Track Checking(triggers after completing goal no 2d)
    * Help Lila rest 0/3 VISIT (skip 60 gems)
    * Administer more Soothing Balm 0/5 GIVE (skip 250 gems)
    * Search the Glimmerwood 0/1 GO (skip gems
    Rewards: 3450 coin, 11 xp
    Congratulations: Wait a moment... Young Ruler, is Lila not leading us back to the kingdom...?

    The story continues in Betrayal Part 1

    Goals 2 and 3 trigger at the same time.

    Old Thomas: Come with me, Young Ruler, and let us refresh ourselves of our world's lengthy history!
    3. Hectic History
    * Read scrolls with Old Thomas 0/6 READ (skip 120 gems)
    * Research history at the Library 0/3 BROWSE (skip 90 gems)
    Rewards: 450 coin, 3 xp
    Congratulations: Old Thomas - There! Was that not a nice refresher? A rather lengthy ordeal, though...

    Old Thomas: It is my pleasure to serve you, Young ruler. You have a good head on your shoulders and warm heart. I have utmost confidence in your ability to lead your people towards a better future!
    3a. Looking Towards Tomorrow (triggers after completing goal no 3)
    * Resolve to be a good role model 0/1 VOW
    * Visit Kaz 0/3 VENT (skip 60 gems)
    * Visit Azalea 0/3 TEND (skip 60 gems)
    * Visit Preedle 0/3 LISTEN (skip 60 gems)
    Rewards: 2050 coin, 8 xp, 1 Faerie Pond
    Congratulations: Old Thomas - Perhaps providing our faeries with this pond especially for them will help foster kindness?

    There are no goals (yet) about requesting you to level up. At this stage, it looks like it's optional. Level 5 is the current highest level.

    Glimmer Faerie House (1x1) limit x Can be sold
    Info: The perfect home for a sweet, gently Glimmerwood Faerie!
    Collection time: 12 hours
    Speed up: 12 gems
    Drops: L5 drops: purple petal, blue petal, glimmerdust,
    Cost: 1000 coin
    Build/ Level 1: 50 orange petal, 50 pile of seeds, 20 glimmerdust | 1520 coin / 12 hours
    Level 2: 25 orange petal, 25 pile of seeds, 50 white petal, 30 glimmerdust | 1672 coin / 12 hours
    Level 3: 15 purple petals, 30 blue petals, 10 fertilizer, 30 glimmerdust| 1824 coin / 12 hours
    Level 4: 20 purple petal, 15 glimmerbulb, 20 fertilizer, 40 glimmerdust | 1976 coin / 12 hours
    Level 5: 50 glimmer dust, 3 gold apples, 25 glimmer bulb, 20 red petals | 2128 coin / 12 hours

    Blythe Faerie House (1x1) limit x Can be sold
    Info: The perfect home for a wild, gutsy Blythewood Faerie!
    Collection time: 12 hours
    Speed up: 12 gems
    Drops: L5 drops: rat tail, I got 6 Blythedust, manticore whisker, horse hair
    Cost: 1000 coin
    Build/Level 1: 50 boar pelt, 20 blythedust, 50 bone | 1520 coin / 12 hours
    Level 2: 25 boar pelt, 30 blythedust, 50 creep tooth, 25 bone | 1672 coin / 12 hours
    Level 3: 15 rat tail, 30 blythedust, 10 hide, 30 horse hair | 1824 coin / 12 hours
    Level 4: 20 rat tail, 40 blythedust, 20 hide, 15 fur| 1976 coin / 12 hours
    Level 5: 20 manticore whiskers, 50 blythedust, 25 furs, 3 golden eggs | 2128 coin / 12 hours

    Search the Glimmerwood
    Adventure Requirement: 1 Catfish Soup, 10 Faerie jar, 3 Feral Magic
    Goal Names: Witch Knows Best, 4 hours in the Castle or Barracks
    Thread: Search and Rescue Part 3
    Drops: small rock pile, tree in a log, faerie campfire, butterfly faerie flower, iron rich rock,
    Notes of goal:
    * may take a few Adventures to get Lila

    Wisp Wall
    Found: 8 from goal reward in Search and Rescue Part 3, market 3 gems each
    Uses: decoration

    Faerie Pond
    Info: This relaxing pond should hopefully foster calm, positive relationships between the two Faerie clans! Chance to drop Faerie resources.
    Found: reward from goal Looking Towards Tomorrow
    Drops: water, mermaid scales, faerie jar, fey crystal,
    Collection time:

    Soothing Balm
    Crafted: Potion Shop
    Uses: Item in goal Lila's Lotion
    Requirements: 20 glimmerdust, 30 faeries' murmur, 5 fey crystals
    Collection time: 2 hours

    Found: Blythewood trees, Goddess tree, Level 5 Faerie Bulb
    Uses: upgrade the Goddess tree, upgrade the Blythe Faerie House
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    The Glimmerwood!

    Preedle: Huh? Hey, ain't you...?
    Azalea: Oh my blossoms! That crude outfit... You *must* be a Blythe imp!
    Preedle: Imp?! Take that back, ya two-faced Glimmer hob!
    Azalea: How date you! I suppose I should expect nothing else from an uncultured puck!
    Preedle: I'll show YOU "uncultured"! C'mere ya little--
    Ruler: HEY! Come on, you guys. We're all on the same side here!
    Kaz: Hah! Like those bickering pixes could ever work together.
    Azalea: Excuse ME, Mr. Me Angry Troll, Me Slay Troll Kings!
    Preedle: *You're* one to talk! You Glimmers betrayed all faekind under your slimy queen! And for what?! The support of some crazed human?
    Azalea: We did what we had to in order to survive! Without Queen Ivinea--
    Kaz: Yeah, that's right. Can't do a single thing yourselves, can you? You little gremlins hide behind some lofty face and let her string you along!
    Azalea: Queen Ivinea is a kind and benevolent *leader*! Of course, I shouldn't expect a brute like you to understand!
    Preedle: *He's* a brute? *You're* the one who TRAPPED A FAERIE IN A TREE!!!
    Ruler: ENOUGH! Okay, clearly there are a lot of issues between you three. But it's going to take all of us to figure out what's threatening the kingdom!
    Kaz: It's not *my* problem. Far as I can see, the faeries brought this upon themselves with their meddling.
    Preedle: Don't ya loop *us* in with the Glimmers! We had nothin' to do with their schemes!
    Azalea: SCHEMES?! We--
    Ruler: OKAY. Kaz, sit this one out if you really want to. I can't force you to do anything. But Azalea and Preedle, I really need you two to work together. Do you think you can do that? For both your clans' sakes?
    Preedle: Sure, I'll help *you* out. Just don't expect me to do *her* any favors!
    Azalea: Yeah, likewise! And I don't want *her* contaminating my plume!
    Preedle: Contaminating?! Ya gotta be kidding me! Blythes are the *most* natural--
    Ruler: alright, guys, we get it! We'll build you two some separate homes for your stay while we figure this out. Deal?
    Preedle/Alalea: DEAL!

    Ruler: Alright guys, welcome home! How do you like your new houses?
    Azalea: Ooo... These flowers! They have such colorful and soft petals!
    Preedle: What a neat roof! It looks just like a beetle's shell!
    Azalea: Ugh... How could you *possibly* stand living in that thing?
    Preedle: Great! *I* can actually breathe the air without a buncha pollen chokin' me up!
    Ruler: *Here we go again...*
    Azalea:Typlical Blythe. Even flowers can't stand your presence!
    Preedle: At least I'm not some delicate Glimmer, flitting around terrified of everything!
    Lady Greselda: Silence! *Both* of you!
    Azalea/Preedle: ...!
    Greselda: In case you haven't noticed, dears, the ruler here is *trying* to help you. YOU especially, Miss Azalea! So, if *you* hope to ever see your sister and queen again and *you* hope to secure a safe home yourself and Fwipple, then I *suggest* the two of you bite your tongues!!! Am I understood?!
    Azalea/Preedle: ...
    Greselda: Good. Now, then... I believe you wished to say something, Young Ruler?
    Ruler: Thanks, Lady Greselda. Our priority here is finding Lila and Queen Ivinea. Once we make sure they're safe, then we can focus on figuring out who did this. Azalea, what can you remember about the attack?
    Azalea: It's not much, but... when I escaped, I was vaguely able to tell which way they were headed.
    Ruler: It's as good a start as any! Think you can point out the way?
    Azalea: Sure! Get me up high enough, and I'm sure I'd be able to retrace it.
    Ruler: That's the plan, then! Let's bring you up to the kingdom's lookout towers.

    Ruler: do you see something, Lady Greselda?
    Greselda: Yes! There, to the North. Can you see it? Smoke is lifting through the canopy...
    Azalea: Oh, no! That's the direction they were headed!
    Ruler: You're sure?
    Azalea: Definitely! After I'd encased myself in the thicket, I cold hear some talking. It was real muffled, but I *did* hear them say "further North"!
    Ruler: We'd better check it out. Hopefully, Queen Ivinea and Lila aren't caught up in that fire...
    Greselda: ... but, if they are, they are going to need immediate attention.
    Azalea: Oh, Lila... We're coming for you!!!
    Greselda: *You* aren't going anywhere.
    Azalea: Huh? But, they're--
    Greselda: I know you are worried, but you are in no condition to be traveling.
    Ruler: Lady Greselda's right, Azalea. Plus, what if the person who attacked you is there? We can't risk you getting recaptured so soon after we *just* saved you.
    Azalea: I... I guess you're right... but, I want to help!
    Greselda: I have a proposal. We can leave you in Princess Sabina's care. She will be able to oversee your recovery. Additionally, if you talk with her, you may recall more information which could help us.
    Azalea: Well... Alright, I can give that a try. Just please hurry and bring Queen Ivinea and Lila home!

    Ruler: Oh, no... this is terrible! so much of the forest has already been destroyed!
    Greselda: This area was definitely burning recently, but it seems to have stopped. Thankfully, the damage didn't spread too far.
    Ruler: Yeah. We should be able to clean all this up and plant new trees in no time! But what about Queen Ivinea and Lila? Do you see any sign of them?
    Greselda: I think our efforts would be best spent focusing on separate tasks. As magic is my specialty, I'll search this area for any trace of them. Of course, that leaves you to the dirty work of clearing and replanting. I hope you are okay with this?
    Ruler: Your plan sounds pretty solid to me. I'm all for it! It may not be the most glamorous work, but I'm happy to help however I can.

    Greselda: Young Ruler, come quick! I have located on of the missing faeries!
    Lila: Ahh... Ouch... It hurts!
    Ruler: Lila! Thank goodness we found you!
    Greselda: She's here, but she's quickly fading, Young Ruler. We must return to the kingdom immediately!
    Ruler: What about Queen Ivinea?
    Greselda: I'm afraid there's no sign of her. If we don't go now, Lila's condition... She may not make it.
    Ruler: Right. Okay, let's go. We can come back for Queen Ivinea later!

    Azalea: Lila! Lila!!! Where is she?!
    Greselda: Azalea, get out! Who let you in here?
    Sabina: Oh, dear! I am so sorry, Lady Greselda! As soon as she heard you both had returned, she just--
    Azalea: Lila!!! You witch! Why is she on that cold table? Can't you see she's HURT?!
    Greselda: Keep this up, and *you'll* be in far worse condition than she!!! Now then, are you going to calm down and allow me to work? Or will I have to throw you to the Glimmer Traps?!
    Azalea: You wouldn't dare... !
    Greselda: For the sake of saving *our* sister? do not doubt my conviction.
    Azalea: ...I'm sorry. I just... I'm just so worried about her!
    Greselda: I understand, dear. but you must please give me some space to work!
    Azalea: Yes, ma'am...
    Greselda: Now, then. Where is the Young Ruler?
    Ruler: I'm here, Lady Greselda. What are we looking at? Will she be okay?
    Greselda: She's stable, however we will need to do more for her to make a full recovery.
    Ruler: Got it. Just tell us what needs to happen, and we'll get right on it!
    Greselda: What I need is to concoct a healing balm from Azalea's dust.
    Azalea: Huh? Mine?
    Greselda: Yes. The magic in your dust most closely aligns with Lila's. Thus, your dust, and yours alone, will be needed in order for the balm to work.
    Azalea: Then yes, please! Take all the Glimmerdust you need! Anything to make sure Lila's okay...
    Ruler: Don't you worry about a thing, Azalea. Lady Greselda's an expert--Lila's in great hands, I guarantee it!

    Azalea: ...
    Azalea: ..........
    Greselda: ... Alright, alright! You can come see her now.
    Azalea: Lila!!! Oh, Lila, are you okay?!
    Greselda: Calm down! You'll overwhelm her!
    Lila: It's okay, Lady Greselda.
    Azalea: Lila! I was so worried... How are you feeling?
    Lila: It still hurts a bit when I move, but I feel much better now. That balm really did the trick, Lady Greselda!
    Greselda: Pleasure. I hat to break up the happy reunion, however, we still ave quite the problem on our hands. Queen Ivinea--
    Lila: Oh no, the queen! Did you find her? Is she alright?
    Ruler: I'm sorry... We're still working on it. There was no sign of her in the forest.
    Lila: Dear blossoms, this is bad! I fear our Plume Queen may be in trouble!
    Azalea: Our beloved lady... We've failed our maid duties! We should be protecting her!
    Lila: What should we do?! The Plume Hive is lost without our queen!
    Ruler: We're here to help, Lila. We found both of you. We'll find Queen Ivinea, too! What can you remember? Anything, even the smallest detail, could help!
    Azalea: Yeah! Did you hear the person who did this? Did you see them?
    Lila: It's all so hazy... My head *still* hurts from being in those anti-magic sacks! I had just started to wake up when it suddenly got really warm. There was... yelling, I think? And flames everywhere! It burned away the sacks. The last thing I saw was Queen Ivinea running away, and a figure chasing her.
    Ruler: If we brought you back, do you think you'd be able to show us which way?
    Lila: Mmm... yes, I think so! I can remember the shapes of the trees...
    Ruler: Okay. When you're fully recovered, we'll head out. Don't worry, you two. We'll find her--promise!

    Old Thomas: How are our guests finding their accommodations?
    Ruler: Well enough, for now. Who knows how long it'll be before they're at it again.
    OT: Yes, they do seem rather... volatile...
    Ruler: It seems no matter what I try, they just won't stop fighting. And as if there weren't enough problems between the two faerie factions Kaz gets into it with them too! What should I do, Old Thomas? I feel like I've tried everything...
    OT: this may be difficult to accept, but there may not be much you *can* do.
    Ruler: If I'm to be a good ruler, shouldn't I be able to solve these kinds of problems?
    OT: Even if you could, what is to stop them from occurring again? Sometimes, what people need is to be empowered to help themselves.
    Ruler: I see. That way, they can learn how to prevent it from happening again?
    OT: Exactly!
    Ruler: Okay. So, how do I help the Faeries and the Trolls with that?
    OT: For that, Young Ruler, we must turn to the past...

    Ruler: There's so much going on in all these texts, Old Thomas! It's difficult to keep everything straight...
    Old Thomas: Yes, it is quite the mess, is it not? The history between the Faeries and Trolls is quite old, and filled with turbulence.
    Ruler: How could it have gotten *this* confusing, though?
    Old Thomas: With age, things grow less clear. bias warps memory away from the truth. It is thus anyone's guess as to what truly happened so long ago.
    Ruler: But if we don't figure it out, how can we help them sort it all out?
    Old Thomas: The events of the past are not quite so important as the people of today. What really matters is how we treat each other, and help build the future.
    Ruler: We need to be able to forgive each other, to be respectful and kind.
    Old Thomas: That is right, Young Ruler! This, this is my advice to you... The best thing you can do as a ruler is to remind our friends of that. Give them a model behavior to aspire towards. Inspire and motivate them. It may be a long process, but they will be better off in the end.
    Ruler: yeah, you're right, Old Thomas. Thank you for your advice!
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    Leave aside your differences, for now! If we unite as one, can we untangle this complicated and turbulent history? Let us work together to find our friends! Alone and lost, will we be able to save them in time... ?

    [==Update requires completion of The First Flighty Faerie, and will be here to stay.==]

    Spoiler: show
    I've been playing a game! Have you figured out this week's answer? The answer is: LILA

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    Aaaand we're live! Hope you all enjoy this story update!

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    Glimmer Faerie House:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	31341

    Blythe Faerie House:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	31342

    After building:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	31343

    Bristly Grizzy - Part 2: ____________Separate Goal - Hectic History

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
Views:	131 
Size:	163.2 KB 
ID:	31344. ___________ Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	31346
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    I just got instructed to buy a Glimmer Faerie House and a Blythe Faerie House but was told I am over my limit on each type of building??

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    Quote Originally Posted by newzealander View Post
    I just got instructed to buy a Glimmer Faerie House and a Blythe Faerie House but was told I am over my limit on each type of building??
    I sold a farmhouse & a cottage to be able to purchase them

    ****S8 if you want us to fill our kingdoms with town buildings for the CE & then add even more town buildings in another goal, you need to raise the limit!
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    I got the same error messages just now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newzealander View Post
    I just got instructed to buy a Glimmer Faerie House and a Blythe Faerie House but was told I am over my limit on each type of building??
    I also got the same message, so I sold two of my spare farm houses (I had 12 in my inventory).. that worked

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    YEAH! New story line!

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