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Thread: Restaurant Story: Neighbors who need Materials only (no food gifts!!)

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    ID: Sevensea123 - on RS & BS

    Love to have neighbors who gifts and tips daily.
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    please add ID: zipporah

    parts gifting for goals and request answering. I rarely tip and do not expect tipping from you.

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    Please add Michell101

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    Toronto, ON, Canada
    ID: kwong888 and kimmy42. I am level 99 and looking for high level players only. Pls add me for parts only. Thx. No tipping, sorry.

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    Add me ID: LazyLabrador
    Daily gifting only. No food parts only

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    We dont tips and dont need tips. Just help. We do occasionally send gifts. Thx

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    I gift daily. I answer request first then I send the current parts for new appliances. I only want appliance parts for current goals. I have no need for food. I rarely tip. I’m deleting inactive people and people who aren’t sending gifts or requests.

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    Please add: laurelsail

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