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Thread: Restaurant Story: Neighbors who need Materials only (no food gifts!!)

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    Looking for dependable, daily players, for my android account. I send gifts daily, and answering parts request is a must, don't really care about tips. Android account Id bakesandtakes. (Will also accept new neighbors under this posting Id as well.) Play both RS and BS under both IDs. Thanks!

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    Daily player please add me emilyblue81! I play RS and BS!!

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    Add me Ellyscaffe

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    hello plz add pinkcakelove����⭐️��

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    I?m looking for active players. I tip and gift all neighbors during the week. During the weekend I tip off my wall. I like goal and basic parts only. Add mermaidfox

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    Dec 2017
    add me: Adikun

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    Hi there! I'm very active and help all my neighbors with items to build appliances send me your requests I will be happy to help and tip.
    ID: Tinkerbella_4ever

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    Add me : claudie63

    I need neighbors who accept requests and send parts daily, especially when there are new goals.
    I don't need tips because i don't have time to tip.

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    Hi. I play Restaurant Story (recent) and Bakery Story (at least three or four years? Hard to remember when I started).

    ID: Musicrocks85
    RS: Lyrical Life
    BS: ID Musicrocks85
    4* bakery/restaurant
    tip from wall, answer gift requests when placed on my wall, prefer basic parts during non-goal and goal parts during goal time. I tip from my wall daily and will tip others who don't leave a comment on my wall when I have time and as life allows. I also love to chat a bit and make a friend, so if you're into that, awesome; if not, also fine. We all have lives.

    Feel free to add me on both games! <3

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    Please add me jacksonben

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