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Thread: Oh No .... With RESPECT

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    Oh No .... With RESPECT

    So I think since we have a Woo Hoo thread and since the other thread voicing our concerns was closed maybe we should have a separate place to RESPECTFULLY voice our displease and concern over recent changes. My problem is that we have not really gotten much feedback or response on the glimmer alicorns. Unless the glimmer alicorns are put back to what I purchased I can truthfully say I will not spend another dime with Storm8 on any of their games. With regards to the current community event it seems they are bent on making us spend so I am thankful I had maxed out supplies and with help from above I have a chance of getting the colosseum to level 10. Only missed to max once before and it's at lvl 9. Next issue for me is space and inventory limits on buildings,I feel these need to be adjusted or set limits for buildings to what's on the board only not what is in storage. If your goal is to get long time players to quit the game then you are well on your way, if your goal is to promote long term play and spending then you are failing. These are only my opinions and I am voiceing them with respect and the hope that I will be heard and acknowledged
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    Quote Originally Posted by Auntie65 View Post
    My problem is that we have not really gotten much feedback or response on the glimmer alicorns.
    Well, there's this, which I think is a pretty good response.

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    Yes, I always need more space
    And the building limit is tying hands sometimes. Especially when you need to build more but can't because of the limit. Selling my old buildings is the only way out

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    I would like to ask a couple questions....first is the kingdom really ours? I mean if S8 can come into our kingdom at any time and change what we have invested so much time and money in is it really our kingdom? Second question is are u planning to have an end to castle story (ya know the crown thing) so us long term players know the story line has ended and it will just be holiday and special events updates? And yes with all this deco items we need more space.
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    Please don't repost topics of threads that have previously been closed. If you have a question, you're invited to post in Forum Disputes for assistance.

    To clarify, we are aware that the changes for the Glimmer Alicorn were not well received and we'll be using that feedback to ensure that we learn from past mistakes. We make efforts to tune content before it is available to players to ensure that it's balanced, but unfortunately there were some issues with Glimmer Alicorn that we missed. It was a difficult decision to make and we wouldn't have made the changes if it weren't absolutely necessary for the long-term health of the game. We appreciate your support.

    If you have any further questions, please reach out in Forum Disputes. Thank you.

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