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Thread: Dragon Story: General Bug and Issues Thread

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    Almost every time I play, when I click one object in the game, it somehow goes to another object. Also, maybe we need a new update to fix this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaseymay69 View Post
    This is more frustration then a bug. The constant popping up of adds for other games for no reason is very frustrating. I don?t mind if I choose to watch a add but they are playing randomly when breeding, evolving, battle arena and has even happened moving from one side of the screen to the other. I love my dragons but the adds need to stop.
    Fed up too. Game quality has gone down. I have been plat8 years and have had too many errors, bugs, gold paid but not received,glitches trying to breed, countless wasted timers and missed dragons. I have contacted support more in the last 2 months than over 8 years. Rarely were there any issues which support hold not fix. Ow your lucky to get any response, much less NO RESOLUTION
    I wrote this in response to not ever receiving 1 gold✌️��
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    Hello I’m cannot play the tale event as I didn’t get the faethorn marker!!! it says craft your dragon but I cannot! help please

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