View Poll Results: Which recent event did you enjoy most?

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  • The Season Of Luck!

    18 13.74%
  • Ivy's Petting Zoo

    2 1.53%
  • Cherry Hive Event

    65 49.62%
  • The Great Glimmeregg Hunt

    13 9.92%
  • Fire and Ice (Current event)

    33 25.19%
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Thread: Favorite recent events in Castle Story?

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    Favorite recent events in Castle Story?

    Hi everyone!

    We'd like to get some feedback from you guys on which recent event you enjoyed most and why, thanks!
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    To help you choose, here are some links and info

    * Season of Luck - about the Lucky Workshop and Parade Float - main thread link
    * Ivy's Petting Zoo - about the Zoo and if you finished received a second one as a prize - main thread link
    * Cherry Hive - about Anthia and the Cherry Tree - main thread link
    * The Great Glimmeregg Hunt - about the glimmeregg bunny - main thread link
    * Fire and Ice (Current event) - about the fire and/or ice dragon - main thread link
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    I chose Cherry Hive because it was NOT a storybook. There were several different things to do, we got the beautiful cherry hive (tree) and a new character, plus we could move forward at our own pace, instead of the forced waiting time.

    If I could have, I'd have voted for the last monster hunt (before the recent changes!) And putting those changes aside for the moment, the reason I would have chosen it is because I love the idea of having things other than the cooking camp to trade for, and I am hoping for even more options next hunt.

    *About Fire & Ice, if it wasn't a storybook quest, I would have chosen it. Speaking of Fire & Ice, could S8 please find a way to make the Naga monsters a permanent part of the game?
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    Love getting a new character from The Cherry Hive, and the tree is lovely.
    Getting a dragon from fire and ice will be cool too. Again, awesome deco with it. I like the pacing on a daily challenge, works with life well.

    The holiday events are good, but less useful year round. Will always regret spending my gems on the egg shack.

    Overall, I love this game and am completely addicted. Wish my device to as the down during the winery chall nhe. Those deco and buildings are beautiful.

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    I've been playing castle story from the beginning! I'll have to admit I was hooked, obsessed, had to get as many neighbors as possible! (Ended up with over 900). I kept up with everything! Who sent gifts, who to receive gifts next, etc! Christmas 2014 I had to invest in a new tablet (my iPad 1 didn't have enough space), so I invested in an Android! The graphics are awesome! Little did I know that S8 was going to have some (a lot), of awesome things for IOS only! So disheartening! It's like a slap in the face that we android players are put on the back burner, we don't matter anymore! What's up with that? I have asked several times in the forums, to no avail! If we aren't important enough for your team to offer the same gameplay for both systems, I guess now it's just a game for IOS users only? ! Especially for new players! I've thoroughly enjoyed the game for all, but it sure was a lot of effort to be kicked to the side! So, I can't honestly answer the poll, since I didn't get to play all of the events! Are android users ever going to get the whole game? Thanks for the gameplay of old!
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    Season of Luck had potential, but energy and coins are way too frequent reward for the work that goes into it.

    Petting Zoo is out because no one has bothered doing the code for Android players to do that type of event.

    Cherry Hive was OK, but for the reasorces that went into it, I was hoping the completed hive would give better drops. If it functioned like a 3rd sawmill, I'd have liked it better.

    Glimmeregg hunt was fun with a good balance of crafting and gathering, but I prefer to not have deco as a prize, and seasonal deco is even worse. I didn't like the hugely expensive gem building that was offered without clear statements of its uselessness. An event only gem item ought to be 75 gems or less.

    Fire and Ice sucks because it means two weeks with nothing to do as an Android player.

    I liked the last monster hunt, before the changes. I understand the need for the change, but think it went too extreme (limit too low, cost too high), was dealt with poorly, and wound up being quite trust breaking. If it was instead made to be 2-5 one time only craft options, each with a higher material cost (say 5, then 10, 20, 30, and 40 tokens), changed sooner, and came *with notification/explanation*, it wouldn't feel so ugly. Instead of one "one time only" alicorn craft, there would be multiple "one time only" crafts with the only difference being cost.

    I'd like all events better if S8 would clearly state what the end prize will be/do.

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    I agree with 88silver and everything in his/her post.

    Android can't participate and it's terrible. Only deco prizes gets boring, it'd be good to have everything clear before spending time, resources and/or gems.

    Personally, I'd like special buildings in the event that drops currency, so there is no need to mutilate the kingdom with a bunch of repetitive buildings. Energy as a reward was also nice.

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    I chose Cherry Hive because I could do it at my own pace, and I liked the surprise reward of a floating fairy, even the tree is very pretty. I consider the rewards decorative because the drops from the tree are very minor, but it's lovely deco nonetheless. However I do understand that it was a rather difficult event for lower level players because of the huge amounts of living wood that were needed.

    The Glimmeregg hunt would be my second choice. I loved all those pretty eggs.

    I like Fire&Ice, but I hate the storybook format.

    Season of Luck was ok but didn't have very useful rewards. The lucky trade has yet to give me anything spectacular.

    Ivy's petting zoo was the absolute worst. That ugly useless zoo went straight into storage.

    And yes, the last Monster Hunt really lit my fire and enthusiasm again, up until the recent changes to the MRC ...

    I play on iOS and I am very sorry for all my Android friends who cannot participate in half of the events, not even the Baron's tent!

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    I'm on Android. It's very difficult to express my opinion regarding iOS only events in polite, decent words. I will just say that I like best the events with usefull rewards, altough those seem to all be history now. So, from the 3 events opened to Android players only the Season of luck had a somehow usefull prize. I'll vote for it. (Kinda lame)

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