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Thread: May Flowers Event May 10 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by zyfazix View Post
    Did you restart the game and check storage?

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    Not Getting Credit

    Quote Originally Posted by bozotc19 View Post
    Nope, my feeling is that they are heartless!
    I just sold 3 eggs off nest and noticed although it said I received petunias, my total number did NOT change. I'm wondering how long this has been going on 😢

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    My Blossom dragon is on the nest now. If it wasn't for me buying the spring dragon value pack, I probably wouldn't have gotten it. This world event was challenging and I don't like that it was more stressful than fun. S8 please lower the amount of items needed for the last individual prize on future world events. 2850 is too much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kennedward View Post
    1459 right now, won't be getting the last prize for sure
    You are not alone ..... I'm still 600 short and that's with 3 nests and using normally useless coins to buy water dragons but heigh Ho the community prize looks ok so will carry on to help all of us get there .....
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    I am 200 short. This is very frustrating as I kept 2 nests going constantly and always had either 20 or 5 hour crops planted, as well as doing the quests and battles. This is the first community event I have not finished. Sad!

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    There is only 2 hours left and I'm spending all my gold to get the Rainbow Rose Dragon in this event 😁 This is actually one of the world events I might not finish

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    Big Congrats!! Those have a Blossom dragon.So far at last I have 2531 with 3 nests not going to make it. I'd understand TL( S8) has right to do for the game's benefit accruing money to launch this beautiful DS, but but don't forget that most of us have busy Life too.My only point is that Please don't push us too hard ( lose interest) to get all the dragons / goals. I believe DS started somewhere between April/May 2012 and I started Sep 2012,since than I had never missed any tournament/ events but this time didn't complete Mire dragon Flash tourney and off course NOT going to make it blossom dragon.I'm really very very sad though.I'm at LVL 200 has 446/528, storage 103 some duplicate too.Please think of it our situation.

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    I won't be getting the final individual dragon either and I have successfully completed every World Event since the first one. I am nearly 1000 short. My game freezes and crashes frequently so I have to delete and reload a lot. And like many others I won't use gold to finish this time. I have already spent plenty over the years and have lost way too much to gold traps during that time as well. The earlier events were lots more fun - especially when the related 4-dragon habitat was one of the first prizes we won (we didn't have to spend a couple hundred additional gold to get it).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracey8170 View Post
    There is only 2 hours left and I'm spending all my gold to get the Rainbow Rose Dragon in this event  This is actually one of the world events I might not finish
    I wouldn't spend gold just to get the community prize we will get it. I you were spending because you REALLY want to individual prize is different. I still wouldn't tho since they set this up from the get go for us to fail and HAVE to spend gold to get all the individual prizes by making the amount need unreasonable.

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    I'm not going to get the final individual dragon either. I think this one was too hard unless you either spent gold or set alarms. I'm not that fussed I am not a huge fan of the design.

    Don't spend gold - they want you to spend money that's why this event is so hard. Don't bend to their will unless you can't live without the dragon (I think you can).

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