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Thread: Castle Story: 5/06 Update - Fire And Ice (iOS Only - TIMED/OPTIONAL)

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    I have been stuck for two days on chapter 3. I have searched the Elder Cave 10 times. No exaggeration and only got glimmer dust every time. Problem is while I was waiting for chp 3 to start I visited and got 4 fire and 4 ice. But it didn't count those when 3 started. Collecting lots of fire and ice pedals but can't move on. I have used up all my simple meals. What now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikospets View Post
    I am on Chapter 3 and have been going on Elder searches for 2 1/2 days and can not seem to get any seeds other than the first search! Why is it that there are some people that have gotten to Chapter 9 and I can not complete chapter 3? This is getting more irritating by the minute! Can anyone tell me why this is happening?
    Feeling your pain. Got 3 seeds right away on one acct. the other acct is slow going. Getting frustrated now. Trying to be patient 😊

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    I have a suggestion. I am on the Pacific Coast, so I have to wait for midnight for my next round. Well, I work so at midnight Im sleeping, and dont get to start next round until 6 hours after I could have started.
    I would like to see the gem amount go down after a certain amount of time has passed, say 24 hours. It seems you do this on the other games as well, so i would have to be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to start on time.
    Just saying.
    Thanks for listening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mymummy789 View Post
    Is there a limit to the number of fire and ice flowers you can have? I have three of each and seeds are no longer dropping from the adventures. It would be nice to know so I can stop wasting swords on glimmer dust!!
    I don't know if there is a limit, but I have been able to craft 4 of one and 5 of the other.

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    Evil nasty snakes, total phobia of snakes

    And now you say kill Nagas aka snakes or don't get dragon

    This is why I had to give up tiny castle

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    Quote Originally Posted by senshin View Post
    Has anyone managed to get seeds to grow more than 2 of each plant? I've tried a number of additional quests to the Elder Cave that have only given glimmer dust. I'm suspecting it may be a futile effort.
    I finished Ch. 3, waiting for Ch. 4 to unlock. Did two adventures since the chapter finished and got one seed each time. I havn't started to make any lillies though.

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    I have searched the elder cave 12 times and so far have only 2 of each seed , starting to get annoying now because I ran out of simple feasts and have to keep on making more. Is anyone else having trouble?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtinem070672 View Post
    Anyone seen these yet?!? I just found these undersea beauties in a nbrs kingdom and if they are prizes for the quest I'm definitely using gems to finish if I have to! They're labeled coral cluster, coral ridge, and coral reef.

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    They are definitely drops from killing the Naga. I have the coral ridge and a coral cluster. They are quiet pretty and colorful.

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    I'm having technical difficulties with Chapter 4. I created an Ice Lily, but it didn't register and I had to create a second in order to continue. In the meantime I started collecting from my Fire and Ice plants. Now I have 14 petals, but they don't seem to count since they were before the second ice lily. I've never minded doing the goals, but being timed makes me feel cheated when I'm already giving you my time of the day to play. Can you fix this so that it registers my play?

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    SW can you pls add these Chapter 4 Goals for Lower Level Players to post #4 Thanks!

    4.1 Grow a Fire Lily
    4.2 Grow an Ice Lily
    4.3 Collect 5 Fire or Ice Lily Petals (skip 50 gems)

    Tip- If you grow both Lilies at the same time in two potion shops make sure to collect the Fire Lily first!

    thank you! added to front page. SW
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