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Thread: More Counters please

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    Can we have more counters please?! Now the stamp recipes are included in the cruise requests my counters are completely full!
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    Please give us more counters, you could make the amount of counters depending from restaurant expansion.
    Like this, it would be more difficult for us, but still possible

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    We NEED to have more availability to counters, they shouldn't be so sparse. At least let us be able to purchase extra slots for gems or high amount of coins after level 60, or even better allow us to purchase as many counter as we need, per expansions seeing as how we finally got new food request for the new cruise

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    I totally agree MORE COUNTERS PLEASE
    In Restaurant Story and Bakery Story you can buy as many counters as you want

    Its no fun playing Restaurant Story 2 due to the lack of counters

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    Counter space

    Could we get the availability to get some more counter space?
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