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Thread: Ember Dragon: Battle May 3 2016

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    Ember Dragon: Battle May 3 2016

    Quote Originally Posted by LietuvosRespublika View Post

    Dragon Battles

    Please note:
    Posting or discussing third party sites is not allowed. This includes and third party forum calculators.

    Helpful tips on battling

    Level 32 is the minimum level for Battle Tournaments
    Level 30 is the minimum level for the Battle Arena

    Type advantages
    Enemy Type Use Avoid Using
    Red Yellow, Blue, Stone, Tropic, Champion Green, Dino, Zodiac, Metal, Soccer
    Green Red, Mythic, Dino, Gemstone, Royal, Champion, Soccer Purple, Black, Stone
    Yellow Pink, Black, Cosmic, Zodiac, Champion Red, Blue, Gold
    Blue Yellow, Purple, Rainbow, Gemstone, Champion, Metal Red, White, Stone
    Purple Green, Pink, Gold, Zodiac, Royal, Champion Blue, White, Cosmic, Soccer
    White Blue, Purple, Stone, Rainbow, Champion, Egypt, Soccer Black, Mythic, Cosmic, Royal
    Pink Black, Gold, Fairytale, Gemstone, Champion, Soccer Yellow, Purple, Mythic, Royal
    Black Green, White, Cosmic, Rainbow, Royal, Champion, Egypt Yellow, Pink, Fairytale, Gemstone
    Diamond Diamond Gold, Gemstone, Metal
    Mythic White, Pink, Fairytale, Dino, Champion Green, Rainbow, Zodiac, Tropic, Egypt
    Cosmic Purple, White, Champion Yellow, Black, Fairytale, Zodiac
    Gold Yellow, Diamond, Champion, Metal, Soccer Purple, Pink, Rainbow, Royal, Egypt
    Fairytale Black, Cosmic, Zodiac, Royal, Champion, Soccer Pink, Mythic, Rainbow, Tropic
    Stone Green, Blue, Tropic, Royal, Champion, Egypt Red, White, Dino
    Dino Red, Stone, Tropic, Champion Green, Cosmic, Gemstone, Soccer
    Rainbow Mythic, Gold, Fairytale, Champion Blue, White, Black, Tropic, Metal
    Gemstone Diamond, Black, Dino, Champion Green, Blue, Pink, Royal
    Zodiac Red, Mythic, Cosmic, Champion, Metal Yellow, Purple, Fairytale, Soccer
    Tropic Mythic, Fairytale, Rainbow, Champion Red, Stone, Dino
    Royal White, Pink, Gold, Gemstone, Champion Green, Purple, Black, Stone, Fairytale, Egypt
    Ice Age Abominable, Champion Blizzard
    Abominable Blizzard, Champion Ice Age
    Blizzard Ice Age, Champion Abominable
    Champion Type has no effect here Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Pink, Black, Mythic, Cosmic, Gold, Fairytale, Stone, Dino, Rainbow, Gemstone, Zodiac, Tropic, Royal, Ice Age, Abominable, Blizzard, Champion
    Valentine Type has no effect here Type has no effect here
    Metal Red, Diamond, Rainbow Blue, Gold, Zodiac
    Egypt Mythic, Gold, Royal White, Black, Stone
    Soccer Red, Purple Green, White, Pink, Gold, Fairytale
    Olympus Type has no effect here Type has no effect here

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    Soooo pretty. This is gonna be a good match in the Wondrous World habitat to fill the missing Fire element
    (and it uses my favourite base model!)

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    Want it! It looks bad ass!

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    And I already lost the first battle...gonna be a LONG week at this rate!

    1. Fairytale 1 - lost Battlesteed 13
    Diamond dragons: Diamond 15 & 9, Infinity 11, Angel 10, Crusader 10 & 3, Mercury 9, Gold 9 & 3, Quetzal 3, and Valiant 7!
    Champions: Battlesteed 12, Chariot 10, Dueler 7, and Warrior Prince 7
    Level 120

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    1. Fairytale 1<Tiny 9 Bb
    2. Fortune 1<Ballet 9 KO
    3. Groom 1 <Aurora 10 KO
    4. Metal 2 <Playful 14 KO
    5. Firestorm 2 <Ballet 9 bB
    6. Knightmare 2< Emerald 8 KO
    7. Mask 3 < Ghost Armor 10 KO
    8. Ornament5< Ghost Armor KO
    9. Fool6< Pansy 9 Bb
    10. Air7<Arbiter 10 bbB
    11. Hearth8< Ghost Armor KO
    12. Titan9< Topaz 9 KO
    13.Lumberjack9<Night Imp 12 bbB
    14.YingYang10< Aurora10 KO
    15. Dynasty15<Beast 13 Bb
    16.Frostfire10<Ballet 9 Bb
    17.Prime Power10< Night Imp 12 bB
    18. Diamond12< Beast 13 bbB
    19.Sunshine13<Pansy 9 bB
    20.Warrior19< Aladdin 10 bbB(Lost: Banshee12, Night Imp12, Beast13... Lost all day yesterday.)
    21. Enlightened 14< Pansy 9 bB(Lost: Emerald8)
    22. Teacup15 < Pansy 9 bbB
    23. Fire16 < Night Imp 12 bbB
    24. Black Pearl< Ghost Armor 10 bB
    25. Valiant20< Arbiter 11 bbB
    26. Trojan 19 < Cursed Rose 10 KO
    27. Comic 19 < Topaz 9 bB
    28. Nyx20< Topaz9 Bb (Lost: Night Imp 12)
    29. Spicy20< Aladdin 10 bB
    30. Ember20< Opal 10 KO (Lost: Arbiter 10)

    Thank goodness I had a head start with this! Spent yesterday at a birthday party and have 5 battles to win in 18 hours. Doable now that I beat Valiant! GL to those still battling!

    Two more to go with <7 hours. I think I can...
    And done!
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    R01- Fire15 (bM)
    R02- Fire15 (mbm)
    R03- Fire15 ( Bb)
    R04- Fire15 (bM)
    R05- Fire15 (bM)
    R06- Fire15 (Bb)
    R07- Fire15 (B) (ko)
    R08- Fire15 (Bb)
    R09- Fire15 (Bb)
    R10- Fire15 (Mm)
    R11- Fire15 (Bb)
    R12- Fire15 (B) (ko)
    R13- Fire15 (bbb)
    R14- Fire15 (Mm)
    R15- Virtue11 (mmm)
    R16- Fire15. (M) (ko)
    R17- Fire15 (bbb)
    R18- Fire15 (mB)
    R19- Fire15 (mmb)
    R20- Lord of Light (mmm) (lost: Fire15, Beast15, Air15,Aladdin12)
    R21- Fire15 (mmm)
    R22- Fire15 (mmm)
    R23- Air15 (mM)
    R24- Fire15 (M) (ko)
    R25- Banshee 14 (mBm) (lost: Fire 3 times, Playful 2 times, Queen, Jack, Lord of Light. Finally won with Banshee after 3rd encounter.)
    R26- Playful15 (mBm) ( Fire is getting spa treatment)
    R27- Beast15 (Bb) (lost: playful, fire)
    R28- King 13th (Bb)
    R29- Beast15 (B) (ko)
    R30- Beast15 ( Bb)
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    1. Fairytale 1 > Fire15? ??? Great start

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    With those colors I was hoping champ! Ah well. Red/black/yellow is better than red/black/white!

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    I love this dragon but geesh! I was expecting a flash tourny on Friday. I still haven't finished healing from last time. It's gonna be a crazy week!

    1. Fairytale1<Lotus7 mB
    2. Fortune1<Air10 bmB lost-Spooky Tree7
    3. Groom1<Emerald10 M
    4. Metal2<Fire14 bM
    5. Firestorm2<Lightning7 mbM
    6. Knightmare3<Landworm10 B
    7. Mask4<Ghost Armor10 Mbm
    8. Ornament5<Lightning7 mB
    9. Fool6<Spirit Queen7 M
    10. Air7<Spirit Queen7 bM
    11. Hearth8<Ghost Armor10 M
    12. Titan9<Aladdin10 mbM lost-Lightning
    13. Lumberjack9<Beast10 Bm
    14. Ying Yang10<Banshee11 M
    15. Dynasty14<Beast10 bM lost-Fire14, Banshee11, Air10, Playful10
    16. Frostfire10<Surprise10 M
    17. Prime Power10<Beast10 mBm lost-Banshee11
    18. Diamond12<Fire14 bmM lost-Ghost Armor10, Banshee11, Lotus7
    19. Sunshine13<Sultana9 M lost-Cupcake10
    20. Warden19<Air1 Bm lost-Beast10, Fire14, Banshee11, Ghost Armor10, Sultana9, Ruby7, Sunburst7, Lost Bones3, Beast10, Award3, Emerald10, Surprise10, Air10, Lightning7, Lotus7,Fire1, Earth3, Beast10, Pirate7, Landworm10, Fire14, Spooky Tree7, Skylord3
    21. Enlightened14<Spirit Queen7 bmB lost-Cupcake10
    22. Teacup15<Landworm10 mB lost-Sultana9
    23. Fire16<Air10 bmB lost-Aladdin10, Blue Peacock7
    24. Black Pearl<Ghost Armor10 M
    25. Valiant20<Fruitful1 M lost-Air10, Fire14, Forest10, Spooky Tree7, Dino7
    26. Trojan19<Cupcake10 mB lost-Banshee11, Ghost Armor10
    27. Comic19<Lightning7mbM lost-Spooky Tree7, Fool3, Surprise10
    28. Nyx20<Hidden Gem7 mbM
    29. Spicy20<Comic7 mB lost-Aladdin10
    30. Ember20< Banshee11 M
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsMelanieMonster View Post
    With those colors I was hoping champ! Ah well. Red/black/yellow is better than red/black/white!
    Did you check the Value pack? It's Warrior Prince ♡

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