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Thread: Dragon: Motherly Love LeaderBoard Event May 3 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by hon3ycomb View Post
    I'm quite disappointed. Not only that this is really hard to go against iOS players but Im having a bad start as I wasn't able to access the event until now. I was sure I logged in after an hour of the launch time of this event and It wasn't active. After a night's sleep woke up to restart the game, only saw the tournament. And after the third time it finally showed up.. Ofc after I hatched the eggs on my nests...
    Thought TL might finess this, a bit. Last time I was up against levels that were 30 to 50 times up. Same again, oh well. Good luck, neighbor's. TL, no need to even try to compete, unless you change the challenge

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    The top two in my group are already up to 7642 and 3210 points, so at least I know from early on that I have no chance of winning in my group.

    I have not had good luck breeding for Duchess, so she is my goal for the event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandygin View Post
    The top two in my group are already over 3000 and I don't have any hope of catching up.
    I have one in my group that is the same. On the plus side, when it happens this early I won't be tricked into burning a lot of gold late in the event trying to win.

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    Great, I wake up now and of course I'm already hundreds of points behind because I could only start hours behind. Very fair contest indeed! This really sucks the joy out of the game

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    Android and iOS players are NOT separated like we were told they would be.

    This event is the most poorly camouflaged attempt at a money grab I have ever seen in an online game. Great job, TL. You have really outdone yourself.

    Despite all the negative feedback on the first leaderboard event, and despite all the reasonable suggestions for improvements made by players, TL did absolutely nothing to make this event more fair and more fun for everyone. It is obvious they care nothing about player enjoyment and satisfaction- just money and more money. That's a sure-fire way to lose player loyalty and income, so TL might want to wise up by the time the next LB event rolls around. I've already noticed a lot less event-oriented action happening on neighbor and community visits than last time, so I'm guessing many, many folks realize this event is simply a money-making scam.

    I have no problem spending money to support the games I enjoy, but this event, which is obviously set up to push gold sales and to reward those who spend the most money, makes me NOT want to spend my money.

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    Suggestion: give us an opt out button. I don't mind sitting this one out but if I do, I don't want to be harassed by tge pop ups for a week now. You made it impossible for me to participate in a competitive way, so at least let me throw in the towel and spend a calm, relaxed week getting more than four of my dragons to lv 15. If you can't make these events fair from the get go, let us decide what to do with it. I used to love tge game because it was fun, but now it's really starting to sour on me

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    Quote Originally Posted by belarica View Post
    Not at all. The habitat is my only goal as well.
    I only have the habitats that can be bought with coins so I'm kind of excited about a new one!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk1 View Post
    Gotcha, was only looking @ milestones instead of prizes "shrugs" not sure if milestones are worth the trouble either since final milestone is 4400 points, maybe if I only hope for the habitat I won't be as annoyed with this dumb event.
    When I first read your post I was like omg I can win this as a milestone! Lol I would've probably wasted a lot of gold trying to get 4400 points! no worries I go into it knowing I won't win main prize so I won't be disappointed. There will be more pretty dragons next week! Seems there always is.

    Quote Originally Posted by DeeDe99 View Post
    Yes, I know Duchess is still breedable, but I tried and tried and no luck. So I moved on to other dragons - but not much luck lately breeding anything, I have to say. Hoping I'd get Duchess as a fail for something else, just like I got Cupcake.

    No, it is not sad your goal is a habitat. I would like that too.

    I can't remember how many point I got last time, but I did get all three milestone dragons last time.
    She is a beautiful dragon and I was surprised she was still in the market. Haven't tried for her before but just might have to now! Holy moly you got all three! That's pretty awesome! I just squeaked in to get the first one who alas is still in storage. I really hope you are able to get her!

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    My top person on the leaderboard is already at over 5,000 points. My points keep disappearing too. I hated the first one and I hate this one too. I have all dragons released so far, don't want to miss out on Mama, but it's really not looking all that fair. Worst thing is, I recognise a neighbour in my grouping
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    Quite frankly, the lamest dragon for this much fuss. Leaderboards are not good for the community period. It just plays to elitism.

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    At first I wasnt going to participate in this event, then I saw the milestones!!! YOU CAN GET A HABITAT! AND THE MAMA DRAGON!! I'm giving this all i got... Forget about the leader board, I'm going for the milestones!! I'm coming for you snowball dragon....
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    Add me if you want, might send stuff

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