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Thread: Dragon: Motherly Love LeaderBoard Event May 3 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlggnn View Post
    Hey, so I just hatched a topaz dragon and it only gave me 10 points yet it was on the nest for like 20 hrs, so shouldn't I have gotten way more points? Or are crafted dragons an exception? Info says 3 points per hour...
    Did you check your total before you hatched the dragon, or just rely on the pop up for the information? The way it has been working is if you hatch a common dragon, the pop up announces how many points you get for the time on the nest (3x24 or 72 in your case). If you hatch a rare, super rare, or ultra rare, the pop up announcing the bonus points appears right over the pop up for the breeding points. You don't see two separate pop ups, one for time and one for bonus. Causing lots of confusion.

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    Yes I am also a previous winner and many in my group also have the Skylord Dragon. It is a really competitive group with many boosts being used and the leaders around 3500points. I am languishing at 2200 but as I mentioned, I am just playing for the individual prizes so I don't care. So yes, maybe the groupings have something to do with your final standing in the last leadership event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlggnn View Post
    Yes, I have also noticed that I am grouped with previous winners. Unfortunately, they are also players who like to spend a lot of gold while I do not.
    Same here. Brilliant move by the developers. I won skylord spending less than 50 gold. How do you get people that spent hundreds of gold to spend more? Make them compete against each other!

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    Quote Originally Posted by porkchomp View Post
    Same here. Brilliant move by the developers. I won skylord spending less than 50 gold. How do you get people that spent hundreds of gold to spend more? Make them compete against each other!
    Totally agree - I think that is exactly what S8 has decided to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m545cli View Post
    First place in my group ~10,500, with second at ~5,000. Third is not far behind. First place is boosting currently. One of those has info on their wall about how much gold they spent during the last leaderboard event. At least I know to not even try and compete!
    You and me both...And they do not have any gold dragons but are boosting....So either they are really good at saving gold or I am working at the wrong place lol.. I just want the spring habitat then I am good.

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    I'm android player, competing with ios players.. didn't think this would be the case :/ I guess I'll hope to get to 2200 points and get the habitat and the cute dragon at 2200.. I already got Duchess recently, and 4400 points won't happen...

    Just trying to forget how cute the winner dragon is this time

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    Not happy, why would you block me from obtaining new habitats when trying to play in the mama dragon event, now I cannot compete. Just hope I can get some of the milestone prizes to make it worthwhile playing.

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    I wanted to know that are we getting the bonus for hatching an ultra rare dragon like the supersonic dragon even though it is an unbreedable dragon

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    These events are awful and completely unfair. I absolutely adore the mama dragon and was dying to win her...but as it currently stands the leader in my group is over 11,000 points, seconf is over 7,000, and third is almost 5,000 while im here in fourth with oh only about 2,500 and the only reason i have that many is because i bought a bood and spent over 300 gold that i had saved from the last time i bought gold. Now i truly have no problem spending money on my dragon story solely because i love it and want to support it but this even makes it impossible to actually win without spending outrageous amounts of gold and money to win. The events themselves wont make me stop playing this game but the need to stop now. I really had my hopes up at getting the mama dragon shes just so adorable. I wish she were a world event prize instead of this awful leaderboard prize.

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    I did not get anything for evolving in arctic isles

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