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Hi, sorry I didn't see your bug post... thanks for reposting

Sometimes when goals lock only Support can assist. If you've given all the items to the previous goal then it should have unlocked for you. I'll ask S8 to assist you and/or you can contact Support. Here's the link to the goals so you can double check on your progress.
S8 Support: Click here to contact S8 Support

edit: lol we posted same time. Yes you're right so I'll hold off reporting to S8 until that other goal status is verified as to completed or not. Thank you AnnirasSweets!
Thanks SW. I've already completed the extravagant picnic. The goal quest in my book is currently "a King's appetite" which is precisely to conduct fruit crate trade but I can't. Appreciate if you could help contact on my behalf pls. I tried earlier but the reply was that they can't help with game play so I'm confused.