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Thread: Castle Story: May 2016

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    Castle Story: May 2016

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your ID here. Only one post per ID please.

    Please note that it is polite to also leave a message on a wall in game to say you've sent an invite.

    (I'm unable to accept anymore neighbours at this time... sorry all)

    Make sure you check the Hub for links to game guides, helpful information, Castle 101 help for brand new players and many many more helpful tips and tricks.

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    I need new neighbors. Level 50. Play daily. Add me please: gamer3player

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    I need more neighbours.plss add me marioario33

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    High level daily player. I don't visit much but will approve all your map and other requests. Add me: dirigibl

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    Could use neighbors to compete some missions. Try to respond daily to other requests but am sometimes away from game. Thx ,~ loroo222

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    Please add kkezir2
    I'm a daily player and respond to all material requests daily


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    pysue, daily player and resonds to requests daily.

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    Need neighbors. I am a daily player. ID is tigereyegem. Thanks!

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    Sstring2 daily player level 46 responds to material requests ✨��

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    Hi guys I'm penguinville at lv 50.
    If you help out often please add Id lamlarissa!! Thx

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