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Thread: What happened to my gifted gold??

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    What happened to my gifted gold??

    Because of the 3 gold only limit, every morning I scroll to the bottom of my gold gift list and visit and send back those.people on the bottom of the list.
    This morning all gold gifts that were 2 days old was grayed out!!!
    Any one else have this happen?
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    i'm not sure but if you don't collect your gifts , they are lost after 48h. so you better collect them when you receive them and note them on paper on computer.
    i experienced that on another TL/s8 apps so i suspect it is same here
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    I don't think that is the problem. It has to be another issue. I have 5 gold gifts currently sitting in news that are shown as 2 days or older and I can accept them (not grayed out).

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    Is it only one person? Or multiple? Is the option to gift visible but grayed out? Check your neighbors list to see if they unfriended you. Did you already accept the gold and we're just going back to regift? I had this happen once on a different storm 8 game where the neighbor had gifted and when I went to regift the next day the option to gift was gone and the name grayed out. They had un-neighbored me. Good luck!

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