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Thread: Feedback & Suggestions on the Guides

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    Quote Originally Posted by PookieBear50 View Post
    If it looks like a large red mushroom, then it is probably the Gnome Gathering. Most of the pets that go into this particular habitat need to be received through events, or possibly through Piper's Treehouse...I can't recall any of them actually being available in the Market, except during special sales.
    thank you for all of your help!!

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    Agree with adding more habitat(s) - I would like to see another Crawlers Hollow be added in, along with more space in the selling/trading stall.

    I like selling multiples of items, like paint. Currently I am only able to sell 120 at a time (max of 10 each - which then equals out to 120) Id like to be able to sell more of an item all at once. Like 150? I don't know, but I'd definitely like it.

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