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Thread: Feedback & Suggestions on the Guides

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    Please give us more Wild Life habitats or I guess, gives us less pets that can only go in Wild Life habitats. I have 4 pets that I can?t place and can?t afford 500 gems for the Gentle Habitat ☹️☹️☹️

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    Habitats Habitats Habitats Requesting PLEASE for more Habitats . We will use more gems to buy pets and participate in more events if we had the ability to home more pets. Please increase or take off the 2-4 limits also need more Haunted Houses for pets . Also if we could get A second chance to get the fawn meadow that stays locked unless we do the Lilly candle challenge

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    On my Bakery Story, I can watch around 10 or more videos a day and earn a gem each video. It would be nice if we could do this on Farm Story 2 as well!! Pleeeeasssee!

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    The extremely helpful building guide has a small error. The cider house mill now costs 8000 not 3000.

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    Train amounts update:

    Soybeans - 26

    Canned Pineappke Slices - 9/10
    Condensed Milk - 8/9
    Mixed Veggies - 9/10
    Canned Fruit Smoothie - 7
    Canned Ravioli - 10/11
    Canned Anchovies - 6
    Air Freshener - 6
    Canned Coffee - 5

    Dried Mango - 10

    Soya Chunks - 10
    Miso - 9

    Soybean Tacos - 6

    Spicy Edamame - 12

    Thank you!!

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    Dear Admin Team
    Please do the needful to provide the land expansion papers like land deeds and other items like survey machine. Item for Sale flags etc
    I have received hardly 1-2 in around 1000 deliveries I have made.
    Please do the needful

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    Please give us half off on the expansion price and papers needed!! I haven't been able to expand in forever because of the high money amount needed. Please give us a sale on the truffle forest pigs. Please give us a sale on the snowy gazebo. Please give us a sale on different animals and decorations that haven't been offered in awhile. Please give us a sale on the pro hydroponic and the tropical grove trees. These are all I would love to see sales on!! Thanks!!

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