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Thread: What's On Sale?

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    Oh wait.. hold on. FLYTRAPS?! Not only just one, there's also two being offered currently?

    Oh and the cheaper prices are nice too. Storm8 makes it hard for me to keep mad at them for long.

    They can take and receive this money for once.
    I'm very happily spending that money too.

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    I have 66 flytraps combined now. My tally might be up to 70 by the time Halloween is here. But I better not get ahead of myself now. They still may not offer the Princess this year. Either way, a 66 number for sure. Honestly if someone went back in time to tell me a few years ago that I'd only be lacking less than 36 of having a 100 today, I'd never believe that. I would've thought that to be too much and out of reach many years ago. Impossibile!

    (Actually it's only 34 away from 100. Did the initial math late at night and after a long day. Still leave my mistake up though.)

    Anyway I am the certified flytrap lover and person, as my farm and past post history shows on TnS.
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    Since the slime mold can live in the jungle falls, please can you put the jungle falls in the market since I never got one of those.

    I did buy the slime mold btw. And the lil devil, and the scarecrow. Thanks!

    Does anyone know the size of the gift with gems? Is it one square or four squares?

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    A gift and a curse? Insert that one recent Sergio album. No, but maybe exotic pets bought from the market being non-storable (currently) is a great for me right now.

    Like I still dislike it in a general sense, as I've got well over 30 current EP's that I would like to store at least. But for once, I can say maybe it's not the worse thing. I can handle at least for now due to the fact I can have easier choice declining the current sale offers.

    It's about 1,000+ gems I'm able to be saving and not "have" to spend.

    I have been hesitant to buy EP's from the market recently, even if I truly want them/it, because it's / they're basically as good as permanete once you drag them from the market onto your farm. If these current EP's on the market, like the Rocking Horse and Cool Santa were storable I don't reckon I would be hesitant to buy or second guessing if they were allowed to be stored after purchase. Even though I wouldn't really or truly be able to afford it.

    Like for once, I am actually glad the game works against me. I'm entering the sale broker than a joke due to very recent in world purchases, like a concert + merchandise, I couldn't really afford anything on the game even if I truly desired it.. Usually I can't say no, even if I am nearing broke, because my heart was in it in the past. But I am able to be like "oh yikes I'm broke, Santa come back next year. " he should understand that, right? He seems cool like that, especially rocking the shades for Christmas. No one does that. I don't even do it as the "Santa" of my household.

    Anyway, long essay over.

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    The paths are 100% being bought though. I love the addition of all them paths to this sale. They're the cheapest thing and well the only thing I can afford rn anyway. I'm also thankful they're cheap. Though for the most part, they don't charge much on paths ever. I believe only once have they overcharged for a path, and that was well over a year and a half ago. My wallet once again thanks Storm8 for even a bit of mercy. I cannot stress this enough, I'm broke.

    For once, there's something in everybody's price range. Something that costs coins, and things that cost 1 gem to 500 gems. It's not much but it's honest work.
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    After getting enough gems in order to buy the reindeer for 60, it has now doubled to 120?!!
    I thought the nice price was a holiday blessing from Storm8, I guess not. Last year they were far more generous with offering a several nice deco items for coins, not this year. They should have left the original deer price and just put a limit on them if they made a mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuntaMita View Post
    After getting enough gems in order to buy the reindeer for 60, it has now doubled to 120?!!
    I thought the nice price was a holiday blessing from Storm8, I guess not. Last year they were far more generous with offering a several nice deco items for coins, not this year. They should have left the original deer price and just put a limit on them if they made a mistake.
    I think that was a 24 hour price... I got notification yesterday that it was on sale ..
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    How come I can’t buy Jack Frost or the Holiday Toucan? Says I am at limit, but I have neither of those. If i try to buy it says “level up to buy more”. I’m at Level 90.

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    So I thought I could get lucky. I bought into about/at least 18 presents in hopes I could get the Poinsettia Maiden from it. Nope, 18 or so presents and I didn't get her.

    I did however get;

    x6 Holiday Photo Cut Out
    x4 Vintage Car
    x3 Snowman Wreath
    x1 Train Station
    1+ more Vintage Phonebooth
    1+ more Jack Frost, I now have 2 of him. Don't care for him personally though, due to the fact I don't want regular pets of any kind.

    So my thought process was (not that it matters), I could potentially buy into the presents to get the Maiden to avoid having to buy her directly from the market. Because as I've said multiple times over now and a post or a few above, every exotic pet type bought from the market directly is non-storable. Permanete. So, with that in mind, I tried seeing if I could get her from the presents instead. Spent 450, so nearly 500 gems. Didn't get her once. Anyway, well I have went back on the idea of her for a few days, "am I sure I want to just buy her directly, as again, she wouldn't be storable"

    Bought her once directly, I thought well she's nice; but another one, a 2nd one, then a 3rd to 4th and then all 5. Will I regret it? Likely so. I don't just yet, however I didn't initially regret buying the mermaids, Arista and Serena, until months and months later well after purchasing them.

    She's cute, and she's a plant technically. I hope one day, I can store all the exotic pets I have, and only keep the plant/dancing ones out. My farm will be the place to go if you want to walk into a garden! Not yet, it's looks trash, rubbish, like you'll stumble on something and not be able to get back up, but maybe one day it will be the farm to be shall anyone want to take a stroll and smell the nice flowers or see people dancing around.

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    I could still try to buy more presents and see if I somehow get lucky with a 6th Maiden, however... that seems excessive, even for my own history regarding excess behaviour. Not just that but it starts counting up, and I don't personally care for anything else in those presents. So I'll just keep the 5 I have. No more than that no less.

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