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Thread: Big problem on my farm

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    Big problem on my farm

    Unfortunately my iPad and iphone where completely flooded, I have been on this far for over 5 years. Purchased an Android phone, installed Bakery first then my farm as described. Now I have lots of problems missing buildings, honey Hive, Truffles. Cannot harvest Kitchen,Deep fryer,pizza oven,Deli,Jelly maker, Ice creamer,Jewelsmith and a few others. When I harvest them, the system rejuvenates,all harvesting go back again, but I get all of the flour, and others to harvest, I made over 100 flour in 10 minutes, the studios, Sweet sugar mill, Windmills,Bakery,Chocolatier all produces immediately when system rejuvenates, I can make the system rejuvenates very quickly so I can harvest very rapidly. Help would be appreciated

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    Let me try to help:

    1) About the flooding problem check out what Rynetory2 wrote about this in another thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post
    We had this issue reported few years back and it was suspected due to low device memory and processing power and/or space. Please try the suggestions under section Device Performance Issues in What can I do to try to resolve my game issues? in Main Guide. I would also advise you to do regular housekeeping on your device and communication devices on a regular basis if you have not done so.
    2) Unfortunately, there are some buildings and features that are missing on Android, such as Bees, Truffles and a few buildings. Here is a full list:

    • Truffle Forest / Hunting
    • Piper's Treehouse Game
    • Hot Air Balloon
    • Pet and Habitat Storage
    • Otter Collection
    • World Events / Fair Events
    • Wishing Well / Charmed Coin
    • Building Skins
    • Watercress
    • The Farmers' Market / Craft Machines Boosts / Ore Vein / Salvage Yard / Smokehouse / Hickory Tree
    • Leaderboard Events / Spin to Win

    3) About the system refreshing, can you try making sure that you have a stable internet connection? Seems like it is a sync issue. Try disconnecting and reconnecting from Wi-Fi and make sure to force close out of your game before playing if you use multiple devices.

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