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Thread: level 108 glitch

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    level 108 glitch

    I have a glitch on this level. The first match you make makes the gopher at the bottom spin continuously and leaves the match on the screen so you can't see what's behind it. You can't complete the level as the gopher doesn't stop spinning. Then the game freezes at 0 moves.

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    Sorry about this. I've reported this over. Thank you for your feedback.

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    I have the same issue at several levels. I tried clearing the cache, reinstalling the app, rebooting my phone but the issue stays.
    Also, sometimes the honey goes to the foreground and you cannot see the fruit, because it stays behind the honey, and the honey does not clear if you do get a match. As the game is successfully completed, "snacktime" does appear, but when all the explosions are finished, you do not get stars, and the hints still show.

    Hope this helps to solve the problem?

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    very sorry for the inconvenience. we have fixed this issue - please let us know if it is still occurring for you!

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