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Thread: Bakery Update: March 30th 2016

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    Bakery Update: March 30th 2016

    Edit (KP)

    Spring Basket is 50% off:

    Spring Basket 2011

    Common (4th prize, 54%)
    Fruit Basket
    Chocolate Bunny
    Potted Sunflower

    Uncommon (3rd prize, 35%)
    Spring Cake Display
    Spring Windmill

    Rare (2nd prize, 10%)
    Bunny Playpen

    Exceptional (1st prize, 1%)
    Confection Garden

    Quote Originally Posted by ElaineCarrel View Post
    Spring basket
    Fruit baskets, 2 different chocolate bunnies and potted flower
    Spring Picnic Crate

    Quote Originally Posted by ElaineCarrel View Post
    Spring picnic

    Spring windmill, spring bubbles, bunny playpen, potted flower

    Spring picnic, spring mailbox, spring bunnies, duck pond,

    Spring tree and spring windmill.
    Sorry they're so lg but I don't know how to resize them.

    Now that the grass is green and the sky is blue, there’s no fooling anyone, Spring is here! Get your blossoming adventures ready by opening a Spring Picnic Crate! Lace up your shoes and get ready with the Spring Bike Ride decoration only in Bakery Story!
    Fill up your picnic baskets with these new items:
    • Spring Picnic decoration
    • Duck Pond decoration
    • Spring Birdhouse decoration

      Click image for larger version. 

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    Aww that is cute! I like the bubbles, pond and the animal basket

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    What? crate again. Spring PINIC Crate.

    How I wish there are new appliances.
    Enjoy Baking! 🍰

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    Sebsmommy- Thanks for starting the update thread. Please be sure and move pictures and information on the update when members post.

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    The same as in RS, another crate and no new appliance. I'll have to wait another week.

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    Didnt we have a crate last week???? hopefully we get like a spring sale or something. if not i'm not gonna buy anything

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    I don't like boxes because I end up with third and fourth place prizes. I wish it was a spring update appliances and decorations for coins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelersbabyyy View Post
    Didnt we have a crate last week???? hopefully we get like a spring sale or something. if not i'm not gonna buy anything
    Yes we did. I don't understand their decision to give us yet another crate after we just had one. I was really hoping for a new appliance. I'm going to throw a fit if we get a third crate in a row. Not fair since I don't have the money to buy gems. If anyone wants this week's update then they will have to open their wallets.
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    There have been 5 wednesdays this month and they added another crate since next week would be another appliance update and goals the wednesday after
    I'm glad it's not a new appliance week as I'm mastering the recipes to earn more coins and gems

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    I don't know if we have to wait until the next one starts because, as I have said before, I can't afford a crate because they have to have a certain amount of gems to get it. I honestly think that working hard and then having some extra money to buy a crate would be great, but every time a new one comes up, why not have the crate motor itself as the Final Prize! I could handle that! ! Hey, instead of the Spring theme, how about a Hot Rod Caf? theme! Since some of us have it, why not? I've got a lot of the d?cor already, including 3 of those little Hot Rods , too! But, 4 the moment, I decided to put them away because I wanted to increase my customer seating capacity so I could save up to expand my restaurant.
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