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    Just a THANK YOU NOTE from both of us, ms. LonePudding and me, to all our brilliant friends who made the guides available and whose info will keep helping players to move through the game: alexsjusa, anaghasaki, Beecause, bella_0806, bethrind1, bexiboo2, bobbyrae, CammoAmmo, catfoodie, CosmicTeapot, cosmolife, CourtneyMeow, Cyria678, debrasbistro, ellenngreg, finnfinn_boy, Flowersandgems, fullotoss, goombajoe, hushkat, infinitelove19, kimmysue123, knowitnot, kooky panda, kbrchica, LadyEna, ladyknightkeladry, laineysmom, lauraleighashby, Lenkapon, LHbaker8, lovereese00, Melanie930, merlin3108, MysticOrchid, oo56, patayita, phatzs, plby, qprpaul, QTHoneywell, rynetory2, Sabriiinax4, seven024, SpiritWind00, srg70, SunUpSunDown, sweetdeda, wembley378, yppahc - THANK YOU, GUYS! (-:
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