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Thread: TGT Presents... The Chemist, the Cat and the Time Machine

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    I rarely come to the RS boards. What a treat this was, wonderful themes/designs!

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    I love this all so far! I'd have to say my favorite is the Wild West, so much thought was obviously put into that design!😊 <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by sls0991 View Post
    I rarely come to the RS boards. What a treat this was, wonderful themes/designs!
    Quote Originally Posted by slayer7000 View Post
    I love this all so far! I'd have to say my favorite is the Wild West, so much thought was obviously put into that design!�� <3
    Thanks guys! It's been a pleasure to do this!

    Just a couple more stops to go...
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    #10 - The Restaurant in the Clouds

    Previous: Stop #9 - The Summer of Love

    The darkness fades, and an immense and blinding light takes over. The crew had been heading for home after their traipse through time, but the Mad Chemist clearly tipped in too much Rocket Fuel Punch. Having expected to land comfortably in the present day, our adventurers have overshot their destination by at least a hundred years.

    This location appears to have a particularly bright sun and there's not a cloud in the sky. Just as the Cat makes to step away from the Time Machine she realises why - the team are above the clouds. They're about to dine at the Restaurant in the Clouds!

    This is a dining experience like no other! In the future the effects of overpopulation have resulted in mankind taking to the skies. Many establishments are based in the clouds, including this fine restaurant. But how do prospective customers get there? Well, they take Phoebe's Bike of course!

    That iconic moment in E.T. was not the work of exceptional filmmakers but rather a glimpse into the future of transportation. Everyone goes around on flying bikes, and that's the preferred method for reaching this eatery. Once you get in the Holographic Greeter will live up to her name. She'll also use the Touch Screen Menu to register your order, making the whole process nice and easy.

    While the Classic Chef and Fancy Waiter provide pristine service, you can settle down on a Glass Chair at an Alpine Table and sip some Chilled Drink. The White Carnation Vases make for a nice decoration, and help further the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Or should that be stratosphere?!

    And if you've got a premium ticket there's an opportunity to saunter across to the VIP cloud.

    To get there you'll need to take the transporter. This massive construction shuttles between the two ports, both populated by the Love Boat Crews. Engine Counters power this vehicle, and it is steered by Captain Phoebe using the Navigator Host Table and Touch Screen Table.

    Once over the abyss, you can enjoy a bite to eat at the Romantic Lounge. Perfect for the audacious couple, there's a long table surrounded by rose petals, glowing tealights and red curtains. There's plenty of privacy up here, and spectacular views to boot.

    Meanwhile to the side we find the Lab Assistant. And who is that she's conversing with? It's the Robo Dog, who we first met right back at the beginning when peering into the basement of The Garlic Tree! It's a glorious reunion after so long apart, but it also raises a very tough question: how did the Robo Dog get here? He's clearly not been tagging along throughout the trip, which leaves us with a real mystery as to how a robotic pooch could manoeuvre through decades of time...

    We should continue to ponder this, but a beautiful rainbow is grabbing the attention.

    A rainbow is a dazzling sight at any time, but when you're clear of the clouds it's especially impressive. Yet while most of us are satisfied with looking at this quirk of nature from a distance, the Leprechaun Waiter has other ideas. He's clutching his bag of gold in hope that he may have the chance to add to it. The glare of the sun may make it look like a Lemon Barrel, but there's definitely a pot of gold to be had here. The problem is that the Leprechaun is on the wrong side!

    But at least he's close to the kitchen, where the Robot Chef and Valentine Robot are in full flow. They both operate on solar power, and there's an abundance of that up here, so they never run out of energy. Working within a labyrinth of Blue Ovens, these two are perusing over the preparation of a sky restaurant speciality - Cloud Cakes! They're tastier than they sound, and are sourced locally.

    Now, let's pull our eyes away from the rainbow, and instead worry over a far more sinister sight.

    There's a strange storm brewing. Of course not all clouds are white and fluffy, but this looks to be more serious than a rain shower. There's something not quite right here, and it's difficult to fathom exactly what. Is this the beginnings of a major electric storm? Is it a gaping black hole opened up by the Chemist after one too many violations of the space-time continuum? Is it the way the people of the 22nd century celebrate Halloween?!

    Whatever's going on here, I don't like it, and fear for our gang. Given that the Robo Dog was nearby to this ominous threat, maybe he can offer some information? The Cat will certainly ask her lab mate. In the mean time, the rest of the group are staying at the Time Machine.

    I can understand their reluctance to disembark from the comfort of the Wooden Pillars. For one thing, they'd have to make a jump to reach the clouds, but their apprehension is mostly caused by that looming dark threat. And those are not the only concerns - after spending the remainder of the fuel to get here, the Chemist and friends are now stuck in this place. Will they ever get home?

    Next: Finale
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    Bravo! Bravo! Yes please, give us more! This is brilliant stuff, I search the forum for new installments every time I visit it.
    It's funny and inventive and such gorgeous details. Best use of any S8 game!

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    This has been such a delight! I am blown away by your creativity! I sent a fan letter to the Chemist, and one to the Cat, and they decided to pay me a visit! They're hanging out in my Halloween Corner. They eat for free at the Purple Diamond!
    Stacey, aka Purple Diamond

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annica5 View Post
    Bravo! Bravo! Yes please, give us more! This is brilliant stuff, I search the forum for new installments every time I visit it.
    It's funny and inventive and such gorgeous details. Best use of any S8 game!
    Quote Originally Posted by srh74 View Post
    This has been such a delight! I am blown away by your creativity! I sent a fan letter to the Chemist, and one to the Cat, and they decided to pay me a visit! They're hanging out in my Halloween Corner. They eat for free at the Purple Diamond!
    Thanks so much! The epic conclusion is heading your way later today...
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    Previous: Stop #10 - The Restaurant in the Clouds

    The Mad Chemist and his Lab Assistant have been touring time for more than two months. Having spent even longer constructing a Time Machine in the basement of The Garlic Tree restaurant, they've gone on to experience so many different climates and cultures, from the dinosaurs and the Ice Age through to the Wild West and the first modern Olympics.

    Their original aim was to search for new and exciting recipes they could bring back home to expand The Garlic Tree's menu. They've certainly achieved that, but they've also made lots of friends along the way.

    However after the Chemist overjudged the return home and sent the team careering into the future, a happy ending is looking unlikely. The group are out of fuel, and worse still appear to have instigated a strange storm at the Restaurant in the Clouds. But before we write the obituaries the Lab Assistant is bounding back to the troubled posse at the Time Machine. She's been having a chat with the Robo Dog, who has somehow found himself at this cloudy location despite originally being left behind in the basement.

    And the Cat is looking very happy - she raises her head and exclaims that the strange storm was indeed a product of the excessive ruptures in the space-time continuum made by the crew. But it's good news, because this storm is a portal which the Robo Dog was sucked through. That's how he stumbled upon the explorers!

    With new hope, the team disembark from the Time Machine and take turns at leaping into the darkness, praying that the portal is a two-way system. Eventually only the Chemist remains - he strains his neck for one last look at the extraordinary result of all his years of experiments before turning his back on the Time Machine and plunging into the unknown...

    Landing on his feet next to his faithful Cat, the Chemist found himself more amazed than he was at any of the sights glimpsed throughout the trip. He was back home, at The Garlic Tree, but it had all changed!

    While the Mad Chemist and Lab Assistant have been venturing through time, Action Chef Lee and My Fair Gran-Gran have been hard at work giving the restaurant a complete refurbishment. The overall format of a foyer section followed by a main area for eating is maintained, but it's all been shifted around.

    Lee and Gran-Gran stand over the Gray Host Table in the foyer.

    There's a fancy New Orleans Door has been installed, and it's part of an entrance area which has had a serious facelift. A Venetian floor is in place, while French Cafe wallpaper gives an opulent feel. But it's the Slate Fireplace which really steals the scene. Surrounding by comfy sofas and armchairs, this allows those patiently waiting for a table to relax and enjoy a Date Night Drink in front of the roaring fire.

    Stepping into the main area, we discover not only a new Rustic Italian floor and a set of Flamenco Tables, but also a huge party!

    It turns out that those dark patches didn't just appear at the Chemist and Cat's last stop but at every moment in history they'd visited. Those who they met along the way were only too pleased to meet up with the crew again, and have brought some of their era with them for the occasion.

    In the main section the Crooner from the retro diner is offering his crisp vocals to accompany the Grand Piano and Elegant Harp. And the Mexican Dancer is twirling till the morning to the tune of the String Quartet as the Perro watches on with glee.

    Elsewhere there's a real drop off in temperature in the far left corner, where a mini Ice Age is in progress.

    Shooting through the time portal doesn't seem to have put off the Ice Skating Girls, who continue to circle the Snowy Fountain, watched on by the guy in the Snow Suit. and polar bears of the Igloo.

    Next door is the Deck Reader, and she's not moved since we last saw her at the birth of the universe. She's still chilling on the Moon with a cola, with no intention of moving her Moon Landing rocket any time soon.

    And adjacent are all the folks from the Wild West saloon including the eternally cool Cowboy Greeter. The Saloon Card Table never stops, and nor does the Lounge Lizard's boozing! The Pool Shark is short of a pool table, but I'm sure he'll join the lizard at the Saloon Bar.

    Along the other wall are more separate zones.

    It was hard work, but Lee and Gran-Gran managed to get a Bowling Alley set up just for the Jock. Some customers are auditioning for a position on his team, and in between games can unwind on the Pinball Machine with a snack from the Popcorn Cart.

    Next to this is the kitchen, a mainstay of The Garlic Tree. The original staff and equipment have been maintained, with the likes of the Ticket Station and Culinary Artist continuing to ensure the smooth operation of the diner. But some familiar faces from the last few weeks are also in attendance, with the Snowman Chef, Manager Phoebe and the 50's Chef among those to answer the call and take up the opportunity to cook in the most famous restaurant in town.

    Swinging back across, we see that although the team didn't themselves bring any Cloud Cakes home from the Restaurant in the Clouds, the Holographic Greeter made sure to take some with her for this shindig.

    The Romantic Lounge has been temporarily relocated, and Lee and Gran-Gran have used some of the Chemist and Cat's brains to simulate the cloudy feeling underfoot.

    Neighbouring this is a taste of Asia, where the guys performing the Dragon Dance couldn't resist bringing their own entertainment. With a Chinese Archway and Chinese Lantern Plants in place, even Hanbok Phoebe is letting her hair down and getting her boogie on!

    That's six of the ten stops we've seen represented, but what of the remaining four? Well, an outdoor area is a proud tradition of The Garlic Tree, so maybe we'll find more there?

    We most certainly will! The Olympic rowers have rowed all the way here, and unless the Train Conductor and Referee Waitress are a little more proactive with their whistles the Little Love Boat may crash straight into some Fancy Wood Dividers!

    On the shore the Fire Dancers who dazzled in Ancient Egypt are flirting with the flames once more. The Island Drummer is delighted to be reunited with his girls, and likewise the Lake Fisher is chuffed to see the Lake Dog again.

    On to firmer ground and the Dino Daycare is still home to four young dinosaurs. They don't seem to have grown at all since we last saw them - just as well! And Arbor Day Phoebe who was left behind down in the lab basement at the outset is planting flowers all around under the watchful gaze of the Playful Parasol.

    At the head of this outdoor section are the heads of state. Everyone involved in the day-to-day running of The Garlic Tree is delighted to welcome the King and Queen. They've even brought the Ring Barker with them, but there are no security concerns. That's because Captain Phoebe is in charge and will be sure to search the Rose Seller before she approaches the royals.

    With the tour complete, all that remains is for the Parisian Waitress to bring out the Birthday Cake. It just so happens to be the Mad Chemist's birthday today, so everyone can tuck in. All the food from the travels is still up for grabs, so do enjoy the Feast of Time!



    Thanks to everyone who has followed this story over the last few weeks and months and offered such kind words of support. It was really fun from start to finish, from the planning process right through to the execution and writing up of the tale itself.

    If you've enjoyed my excessively long posts, it might be worth pointing out that there is somewhere else you can find my endless utterings. Forum rules prevent me from including any outside links, but if you just Google my restaurant's name (The Garlic Tree) I'm sure you'll find me!

    For now, goodbye!
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    Bravo!!!!! I love it!

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    So cute!

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