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Thread: Logging in with different device / Have a new device

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    I had a new phone on Saturday and followed the instructions on transferring my farm to the new device, including filling in the online form. My farm has appeared on the new device however some of my items are missing. I understand that some are gone because they are iOS items (bye bye bunny rabbits and unicorn) but my beehive has disappeared too without a trace. Any idea how I can get it back?

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    Did you try the suggestions in my reply to your last post? What happens when you clicked on it? Alternatively, you can contact Support: support form and get the Agent to help you to transfer your games again. Under Category, select "Account Recovery | Transfer to new device".

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    how do you login?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DracoMedeor View Post
    how do you login?!
    Welcome to the forum.

    See Post 1 of current thread for explanation.

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    New iPad (game doesn?t recognize s8 I?d)

    Plz help me log into my game on my new iPad. It won?t recognize my s8 Id which is ladyinhotpink also can u help me reset my password. I am having difficulty logging in on my all my games. My iOS is 12.3.1 thanks 4 any help.

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    You will need to transfer your storm ID over to your new device.

    See this thread:
    Need me? Send Me A Private Message

    Note: Due to some personal matters, I will not be on over the weekend.

    Contact Storm8 by filling out this form: support.storm8.
    How to submit Support Request

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    I have an ongoing issue transferring my original Farm Story 2 account to my new device.
    I changed device, but I don't have my old log in information. I put in a request through the online Storm8 contact form to ask for a transfer of my farm story 2 account to my new device, including all the details i could provide.
    I created a ticket with #[] on april 3rd this year. I received a message twice saying there are a large number of tickets and it wil take longer than 2 weeks to solve my ticket. I waited, then replied to one of the automated messages with a little extra info. Not long after that I received yet another automated message saying it will take longer than 2 weeks. I have been waiting over 5 months for a response regarding my farm story 2 game. In the meantime, I created a second ticket #[] on july 3 in hopes of getting a response for my original one,. I received an message asking me if i still want help with this ticket. I responded i still do, but have not heard anything since. Not for ticket #[] or ticket #[]. I sincerely hope i can recover my old account on my new device.

    I can not do this. I have followed this route already.
    I would rather Storm8 responds to my ticket(s) seeing as I am unable to recover it myself.
    Even if i could, no response in over 5 months is what I would call bad service.

    I have tried this route already. I am not able to recover my old account myself. Otherwise I would have long ago closed the ticket.
    I would also appreciate that Storm8 responds to my ticket(s).
    No response in over 5 months is what I call bad service.
    Am I not entitled to support?

    I have tried this route before. I can not recover my old account.
    Even if I could, am I not entitled to support for my tickets?
    Over 5 months of waiting seems a little excessive.
    If I could recover my old account myself, I would have moved on a long time ago.
    I would like nothing more.

    I'm sorry, something went wrong trying to respond. I meant to sent this only once to a reply
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    Hi EcoFarmWarrior,

    I'm not sure what happened to your tickets.... Submitting under wrong category could get your ticket closed and creating multiple tickets could jam up responses. Sorry that you didn't get help though...

    Do you think you submit a new ticket one more time? Make sure you select "Account Recovery" category. You can send me your ticket number by private message if you do not get a reply after 7 working days, links in my signature.
    Support: support form

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