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Thread: Easter Egg Hunt on March 18 2016! (Android & IOS)

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    Easter Egg Hunt on March 18 2016! (Android & IOS)

    Minimum level is 18 for participation. Android & IOS

    Please use Farm 2: Buy/Sell thread for sale of event items.
    Any buy/sell posts in this thread will be removed. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

    Have fun and enjoy your event! Rynetory2

    Please see Post #2 for goals. Thanks.
    An Easter Eggsperience (5 goals) - rewards Chocolate chick
    Gotta Hatch 'Em All (3 goals)
    The Big Dipper (optional)

    Quote Originally Posted by rynetory2 View Post

    Hey Everyone, a Community Manager has brought us good news! Yes we can win the chocolate chick through goal!

    There are 2 types of chicks which you can win from this event. One yellow chick and one chocolate chick.

    1. The Last Goal of "An Easter Eggsperience" (5 of 5) will reward the Chocolate Chick.

    2. The Yellow chick is a rare prize that you can win when you turn in the eggs at the Collections Gallery.

    You can win more than 1 chick through the collection but the Nest can only hold up to 3 chicks. If you win more, you will be unable to put them out. Good luck and have fun with your event.

    New popup says start date is the 18th
    An EGGciting new event starts on Friday, March 18th at 5:30 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time!
    I wonder what kind of pet we will be hatching?

    It is a twelve day event and there will be ten different eggs that need to be collected. Each day a different egg is released.

    Day 1 is from plane deliveries
    Day 2 is from pigs
    Day 3 is from the studio
    Day 4 is from the chocolatier
    Day 5 is from the bakery
    Day 6 is from the sheep
    Day 7 is from orange trees
    Day 8 is from the fryer
    Day 9 is from fishing
    Day 10 is from the mine

    When a new day's egg unlocks you can still collect all previous day's eggs

    All egg drops are random.
    Everyone needs to continue collecting as many eggs as possible because once day ten unlocks the fun begins you get to start turning in collections for random prizes which includes a darling adorable baby chick!

    If you want to turn in collections earlier you can do so by buying the egg dipper which is also a goal. This machine allows you to take previous eggs collected and turn them into other eggs...they are the ingredient so to speak!

    You can also turn in collections sooner by buying the eggs you are missing with gems!

    After you have one of each of the ten eggs you turn in the collection in the collections gallery for a random prize.

    List of Prizes from the Collection Gallery
    Bunny Egg
    Chicken Egg
    Cow Egg
    Pig Egg
    Easter Egg Basket
    Chocolate Rabbit
    Easter Wagon
    Easter Pickup
    Easter Cottage
    ***YELLOW CHICK***
    All of the above ten prizes are random.

    Purchasing the egg dipper can aid you in making hard to get eggs.

    See Post 2 for the goals!
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    Two sets of goals are happening

    Quote Originally Posted by PookieBear50 View Post
    Actually, there are two sets of goals running simultaneously. The first (Morgan's, since it is 5 goals), is "An Easter Eggsperience". That's the one that we had to give ten Day 1 eggs to her. The other, Piper's, is 3 goals, called "Gotta Hatch 'Em All", and I think the first one was just finding one Day 1 Egg. The 2nd Goal is finding one Day 1 egg and finding one Day 2 egg.

    For Piper's 2nd goal, however, the eggs MUST be found after the goal unlocked. If they are found (or received) before, they do not count, so any Day 1 eggs left in a player's collection will not qualify.
    An Easter Eggsperience ( 1 of 5 )

    Give 10 ( Day 1 eggs from planes to Morgan)
    Reward: Cow Egg

    Give 20 of egg number 2 from pigs
    Give 15 of egg number 3 from the studio
    Give 60 bacon
    Give 45 scarves
    Reward: Pig Egg

    Give 20 of egg number 4 from the chocolatier
    Give 15 of egg number 5 from the bakery
    Give 30 dark chocolate
    Give 25 bread
    Reward: Chocolate bunny

    Give 10 of egg number 6 from sheep
    Give 8 of egg number 7 from orange trees
    Give 40 wool
    Give 25 oranges
    Reward: Easter Basket

    Give 20 of egg number 8 from the fryer
    Give 15 of egg number 9 from fishing
    Give 6 French Fries
    Give 20 anchovies
    Give 7 catfish
    Reward: Chocolate Chick Pet

    Gotta Hatch 'Em All ( 1 of 3 )

    1: Find Easter Egg number 1
    Reward: 150 coin 30 experience

    2: Find Easter Egg number 1
    Find Easter Egg number 2
    Reward: 180 coin 34 experience

    3: Turn in 1 Easter Collection
    Reward: 240 coin 41 experience

    The Big Dipper

    This machine lets you make eggs you might have a hard time finding by using eggs from a previous day.

    When you hit craft you will see that at the bottom of the picture following that you can make all the eggs at the bottom! It takes two eggs of a previous day to make one egg of the one you want.

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    Thank you Judy for starting and updating the event information for us. Much appreciated!

    hmmm I wonder if it'll be a pet chick?

    I thought I'll post this list, compiled by you and me last year, here in case it's useful for members to start their preparations. Start stocking up your supplies, everyone.

    Final preparations prior to event
    When you get an event notification, you should start doing these preparations. We don't know what type of event it is but we can prepare in advance in case we need it for the event.

    1. Align your deliveries before event starts. Discard those deliveries which you can't fulfil. Be ready to send off all deliveries if event requires when it starts.
    2. Have all your machines working non stop but ensure they are done working when the event starts in case you have to make a special event item.
    3. Have all animals (i.e. cows, chickens, pigs, sheep) ready to collect at event time. Likewise for all fruit trees.
    4. Stock up some mining tools if you can. Feed your pets for tools. Hopefully we won't need to mine but stock some just in case.
    5. Check Stormie shop and see if she sells you an event item.
      P.S. If Stormie sells you an event item, please post and share with us in here. Thanks.

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    I got a message about this one via it going to be for android too? please say yes, lol here lately I have been a bit bored.

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    Receiving that event notification seems like a good indication. I'm checking on this. Keeping my fingers crossed that is true! Will keep you guys posted. Thanks for letting us know, Niire.

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    No problem. Got my fingers crossed too, I haven't had a true event since the ice cream one last end of summer...

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    The baby chick 😍😍😍😍

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    Hey rynetory, don't think you need to check anymore. I just got a pop up in game. It probably came up earlier, but I have been nursing a 102 fever today.

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    Minimum level is 18 for participation. Android & IOS

    S8 has confirmed that this event will be available to both Android and IOS members! That is truely AWESOME!! This will be the first event for the whole community.

    BIG THANK YOU to S8 Farm 2 team for making it available to all of us! Appreciate your effort and listening to us. You made my dream come true too.

    Note: For members who are new to events, please read Post #1 and #2 for event information. The information will be updated as we progress through the event, so keep checking for more updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niire View Post
    Hey rynetory, don't think you need to check anymore. I just got a pop up in game. It probably came up earlier, but I have been nursing a 102 fever today.
    I was typing the updates as you posted haha. Sorry you arent feeling well. Hope you feel better soon.

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