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  • 4. Produce wagon

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  • 5. Fall colored trees

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  • 6. 1 expansion square a month

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Thread: Castle: Poll & Suggestions thread

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    Jul 2013
    May I ask why S8 wants us to pull a number of Town / Royal buildings out, then after ask for more to be built of the same kind, without extending the number's limit we could have in storage or on the board?

    My Suggestions are:

    1- Expansions to be able to put out those buildings ( forget about deco...there won't be place for them even after expansions)

    2- If S8 insist on multiple buildings for some -almost all-events, and after asking us to rebuild the same structures we already have, then the least logical thing for S8 to do, is to banish the limits on any kind of structure whether royal or town !
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    I've had an idea for a brand new monster hunt!!

    The new Naga pet could spawn nagas, the Griffin nest could spawn griffins and the Monster stables could spawn flying pigs,

    Defeating these monsters would earn 3 new types of token, for example poison dart, pointy stick and paper knife,
    The right number of tokens would be traded in the troll trade wagon for platinum tokens,

    Enough platinum tokens would earn the right to trade for a purple piggy pigpen, where instead of being slaughtered some of the flying pigs could be mated to produce little purple piggies,

    Perhaps some of these purple piggies could be programmed to produce a daily energy drop,

    I am sure the energy production possibilities would persuade many players to part with gems and purchase more to procure these priceless new pigs.

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    Sep 2014
    Cool idea, I still want a harbor and a boat.

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    I'd love some palm trees to go with my Naga sea section.

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    Isn't it time we had more land expansions?

    The title says it all, when are we getting more land expansions - and, when will we be able to advance past Level 50?!

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    I totally agree!

    More expansions!

    Higher levels

    More main storyline

    New characters

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    CS is stuck in a deep rut ... Lol.
    Monster Hunt, Community Event, Storybook goal, New Tent items, and, then, maybe, just maybe an actual storyline goal (but not always). It's just the same things over & over again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meme1098 View Post
    CS is stuck in a deep rut ... Lol.
    Monster Hunt, Community Event, Storybook goal, New Tent items, and, then, maybe, just maybe an actual storyline goal (but not always). It's just the same things over & over again.
    expansions are soooooo needed right now with all these decorations/event stuff thrown at us. the events are alright, but the draw to this game is the decorating part, and so far that is not meeting my expectations since there's very little room. tired of decorating my kingdom to make sense to me, only to have a event pop up and throw out every building possible on the board , so it remains a mess ....wish during the events you did not need so many cottages or libraries out.
    cant they make it so when you tap them during events instead of counting or dropping one item, it could drop 5?. the last event did not make sense to me , as the cottages counted as 1 with a 10 minute timer, and the market counted as 1 also but a 24 hour timer?????? huh

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    We soooo need more expansions!! Please, please, pretty please!!!
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    Land expansions

    Will there be any new land expansions available soon? I love my kingdom and will not store anything else. If no more land expansions are in the works- I guess Castle Story is over for me. 

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