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Thread: Favorite Oven?

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    Favorite Oven?

    What's everyone's favorite oven? What do those ovens make? Excited to see what everyone says!

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    How funny... I was actually going to make a post like this after realizing that I really like certain appliances that I have! Here are my favorites. I tend to like ovens that have a variety of cooking times, especially longer cooking times so that the food doesn't spoil.

    The Candy Oven - the recipes are super cute!
    Deep Fryer - there is a great variety of recipes here (more than just the three that many have). most have high yields too.
    Amethyst Oven - really pretty cakes.
    Sweet Co Station - cute recipes, and I always appreciate having an option for a 22 hour recipe in case I know I can't check the bakery for a while.
    The Pioneer Oven - I took a chance on this one but I really like it - - cute recipes with a good variety of cooking times.
    The Bread Oven - I love the L'amour Special with the 4000+ servings, and the fact that it is a 12 hour recipe so it won't spoil easily. You can't go wrong with this oven, and if I want items with a shorter cooking time, it has those too.

    What are your favorites?

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    I like ovens that produce a fair yield of food for a short bake time. I like the Mediterroven and the Bavarian Oven (I know this one costs gems, but at least you get a good amount of servings). Plus, who doesn't like world variety?
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    Hi, I love the Sonic standard oven. The most recipes can be found and sonic oven cooks 30% faster.

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    I love the garden Grove stove! Very seasonal feeling! Storm 8 always think about how people should feel in spring! Keep it up, storm 8!!♡

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    The donut and ice cream ones. I love the variety! ;D

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    This is a hard question as I love them all!!

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    I really like:
    - Frozen Drink Machine: all the recipes look so tasty.
    - SweetCo Station: cute cupcakes with a variety in cooking times, styles, and colours.
    - Treasure Oven: I look forward to making all of these recipes in summer.
    - Amethyst Oven: lovely cakes.
    - Pioneer Oven: don't know why, just like it.
    - Mediterroven: cute recipes, and I love when we get recipes from different countries and cultures.
    - Haybale Fountain: perfect autumn drinks.

    I don't like:
    - Donut Maker: it looks so greasy. I don't want that in my bakery.
    - Sweet N Spice Oven: two out of three recipes (not the cinna cookies) just look dry and boring.
    - Italian Oven: I want to bake sweets, not food stuff like garlic bread.
    - Shaved Ice Maker: just don't like how the recipes look.
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