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Thread: BAKERY 2 :: Speculate on Upcoming Updates, Goals & Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunUpSunDown View Post
    Coming to Bakery Story 2 in 2017:

    Boat at the dock. Orders will be loaded on boat. Prizes.

    A helicopter pad. See roof top now with "H" 0n it.

    We will visit each other's bakeries.
    This sounds great but where did you get this information from? There hasn't been a proper update for a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuzieQ477 View Post
    This sounds great but where did you get this information from? There hasn't been a proper update for a long time.
    Speculate. Guess. Made up. Hope with positive thoughts. Make believe. Speculate with little or no evidence.

    Anyway. There is an "H" on a roof near my bakery. That's where I got the helicopter idea. I made that up.
    Someone suggested a while back that a boat might show up. There is water around the town. S8 has a boat in RS 2. So. . .why not
    Have a boat in BS 2.
    It's a question that's old now. When will we visit each other,s bakery? I looked at the BS2 App. Read the SHARE under "description."
    This is the current invitation to play the game.
    I was thinking how the game has become, oh, quiet. Then I thought: dream big. I'm hoping, I don't know, this is guess/ speculate. I'm hoping that S8 is working on something really Awesome. Why not release something great soon? Why not a fantastic presentation in 2017
    Anyone's guess is as good as another at this point.


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    Was expecting some sort of goal today, quite disappointed that there isn't one, hopefully we will get something soon

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    Are there any updates planned?

    I haven't seen any updates lately so was wondering if the game is still supported? Christmas came and went without anything new. Will Storm8 have any new content in the future?

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    i highly doubt ... i think they have abandoned the game . Such a pity ... it was one of my fave game with such cute characters

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    totally agree, this game seems to be completely abandoned. nothing new for ages

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    I came to the forum for news too, I think it's likely that the game has been abandoned.

    It's such a shame, the game could have been brilliant if the focus wasn't initially on making as much money as possible. It's deterred so many people away and made lots of the goals impossible for so many people

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    I think they just put too much efforts into this game first.
    and set too high prices in coins in order to motivate people to buy gems.
    And obviously the gems sales didnt satisfy the expectations.
    Plus, i dont think too much people downloaded and played the game.
    Just not enough people and not enough sales.

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    Haven't seen an update, new oven, new recipes, or event in awhile. When can we expect some love for Bakery story 2?

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    Yes please to something new Storm8! We love this game but definitely are in need of some long overdue love

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