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Thread: Get rid of ignore button for gold!!😡😤😡

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    Angry Get rid of ignore button for gold!!😡😤😡

    Who in their right minds wants to ignore gold as a gift since the free gold "well" has dried up? Twice now I have tried to gift back and have that person disappear and me ignoring a gift of gold. REMOVE THAT OPTION! Seriously! Now it feels like you have created a game with nice looking dragons that you have made rediculously unattainable unless you spend a fortune, and added MORE obstacles on top of that. What is the purpose of the ignore button? You can BLOCK a neighbor or remove them. The ignore button is REDUNDANT. And of course this post will be ignored like my other posts have been. 😡

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    I second what she said The ignore button has no use in this game. I have also hit it by accident and there is no way I would pass up gold.

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    Until recently I thought hitting the Ignore button allowed that neighbor to send it to a different person, basically saying "no thank you, send it to someone who really needs it ". I felt horrible because neighbors had been sending me gold and I wasted their chance of gifting to someone.

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    I third this suggestion! Hit that button many times by accident. Also the deny map request button. Why is that there?

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    Or put an "are you sure?" button if ignore is pressed, this would solve something

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    When we need a no button there's never one, but when you need it the least, voila, there it is.
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    I SURELY AGREE to REMOVE IGNORE BUTTON on DS !! It's A Unwanted Mistake if Some1 has Used it😓😓😓 V All Make that Accident Off & Onn😓

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    At the very least they could make it like they have it in Fantasy Forest Story. The Accept button is on the right and there is an X all the way on the other side of the box. There is no way to mistakingly hit it, there.

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