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Thread: Wondrous Wish Tales March 4 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by 813vv View Post
    I love the way they design the dragons in this Tale :-) I wanna save more foods before starting it :-) an I have to say that, except Beast, the other from Tale like Maple, Banshee, Jack, King... helped me a lot in tourney, especially when I have trouble witn champions :-) just hope the foods wont cost too much an crafting wont request black or pink gems :-)
    If you look in your craft house, we need to create:

    Treasure Hoard (2 magic Lamps, 2 Red Scarabs, and 3 Blue Scarabs) - 1 hour craft time
    Regal Rug (2 Sacks of Spices, and 2 Green Scarabs) - 2 hours craft time

    Magic Lamps and Sacks of Spices can be earned in the "Street Life" Quest
    Blue Scarabs and Green Scarabs can be earned in the "Just One Wish" Quest
    Red Scarabs can be earned in the "Just One Wish" Quest OR crafted with 3 Blue Scarabs and 3 Green Scarabs.

    Street Life Quest (uses Aladdin Dragon) - 3 hours
    Just One Wish Quest (Uses Aladdin Dragon) - 1 hour

    No mention of using our black or pink gems thus far!

    I wonder how many Treasure Hoards and Regal Rugs we need to create (hopefully not too many). Seems we will have a lot of questing to do!
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    Dragons are so fun!
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    If they're doing Disney movies (beauty and the beast, Aladdin) can the next one be the little mermaid or Cinderella?

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    I am not interested .....

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    From what I have learned by participating in the Dragon Tales events. Commonly asked questions are in red. Information specific to this Dragon Tales event (food requirements, special crafted items, etc.) will be added to the top of this post as the information becomes available.

    Dragon Food Requirements
    Aladdin, rare, blue-red-yellow, 3 hours:
    . . . . . . 50 + 125 + 500 + 1500 + 3000 + 5000 + 12,500 + 22,500 + 30,000 + 75,175 for level 10
    . . . . . . plus 30,000 + 30,000 + 35,000 + 40,000 for level 14 (total of 210,175 for levels 1-14)
    Sultana, super rare, blue-green-pink, 4 hours:
    . . . . . . 50 + 125 + 500 + 1500 + 3000 + 5000 + 12,500 + 22,500 + 30,000 + 75,175 for level 10
    . . . . . . plus 30,000 + 30,000 for level 12 (total of 135,175 for levels 1-12)

    Level 22-40 players need to level Aladdin to level 10* for a total food cost of 75,175 (*may only be level 8 or 9)
    Level 41-110 players need to level Aladdin & Sultana to level 10 each for a total food cost of 75,175 + 75,175 = 150,350
    Level 111-200 players need to level Aladdin to level 14 & Sultana to level 12 for a total food cost of 210,175 + 135,175 = 345,350

    Special Quests
    Just One Wish: 1 hour, send Aladdin to quest for Blue, Green or rare Red Scarabs
    Street Life: 3 hours, send Aladdin to quest for Oil Lamps or Sacks of Spices

    Special Crafted Items
    Red Scarab: 1 hour; requires 3 Blue Scarabs and 3 Green Scarabs (craft Red Scarabs find you don't get them from questing)
    Regal Rug: 2 hours; requires 2 Sacks of Spices and 2 Green Scarabs
    Treasure Hoard: 1 hour; requires 2 Oil Lamps, 2 Red Scarabs, and 3 Blue Scarabs

    How it works
    *The first possible day of the event begins at reset (10:30 am Pacific time).
    *Each day ends and the next day starts at midnight Pacific time.
    *Each day ends at a fixed time relative to when you started the event. Say you start on a Tuesday, day 2 starts Wednesday at midnight Pacific time, day 3 starts Thursday at midnight Pacific time, etc. If you skip ahead on day 1 to play the tasks for day 2, you will still have to wait until Thursday at midnight Pacific time to start the tasks for day 3 unless you spend more gold to skip ahead again.

    *Each day has a series of tasks. At the end of day two, you will receive a dragon. This dragon will need to be leveled up during the event and will need to go on special quests as prompted. You probably need to take this dragon to level 10 or above, so plan your food accordingly as it may take 100,000 food.
    *The tasks get increasingly difficult and more time consuming each day. The first 3 days are pretty easy and could all be completed in one day if needed.
    *You do not need to complete each day within that day. If you fall behind a day you will not have to wait until midnight for the next step, it will start right away.
    *The prize for the first day is a dragon. Even if you don't want to try to complete the event, you can play day 1 to get this dragon. There may be a second dragon mid way through the event that can be acquired fairly easily as well.
    *There are prizes for completing the tasks for each day of the event. Day 1 you get the dragon mentioned above. On days 2-7 the prizes may be coins & experience points, special event related decoration, food, or maps.
    *If you complete the event, you will receive an Ultra Rare dragon.
    *If the event ends before you have completed every task, you will not get the final prize.
    *Each task may be skipped by using gold. Parts of tasks may not be skipped by using gold. Say you need to plant 7 crops and you plant 6, it will cost the full skip amount for planting the 1 remaining crop.
    *Tasks may differ for players below level 31 as these players can't battle yet.

    When to Start
    *You do not need to start right away. There is a window of time in which you may start the game. Your 10 days start when you start the event so your day 1 may be different from your neighbor's day 1. At the end of this time window, the event will automatically start. You can chose not to participate in the event if you wish. A delayed start will also give you time to save up food and trade duplicate dragons for gemstones required in the event.
    *The last 3-4 days of the event will require a lot of attention. Schedule the event to work with your personal schedule. Maybe you have a family reunion and will be busy all weekend. It may make sense for you to start on Friday as the first 3 days are quick and easy (day 1 usually takes 5 minutes total, and day 2 usually takes 5-10 minutes if you plan ahead). Whereas, if you started on Tuesday you would need to spend a lot of time with the game. This either compromises your reunion or your ability to complete the event.
    *Days 1-3 can be completed in one day if necessary. Say the event automatically starts and you aren't free to play yet. No problem, start when you can.
    *Starting a day or two or three after the event begins means you will know what all the tasks are based on the information posted here on the forum. It is always easier if you know what to expect.
    *There is a good chance we will have a tournament during the event. It may be a 3 day flash tournament starting on a Friday or a 6 day tournament starting on a Tuesday. Keep this in mind when deciding when to start the event. You do not want to battle the toughest dragons of a tournament during chapters 9 and 10. On the other hand, the beginning of a tournament with the early and easy opponents, can be a great help during the last chapters. We don't know when tournaments will happen, just keep it in mind when deciding when to start the event.

    General Tips
    *Check the forum for information on the tasks required for each day of the event. Use this information to plan your approach to the event. It will be much easier if you know what to expect and when you need to be ready to breed, battle, quest, craft, etc.
    *Do not use gold to skip to the next day. It is not worth it unless you are doing so strategically.
    *Some tasks can be done ahead of time: quests, crafting (such as spell scrolls, hedges, etc.), and leveling up the dragon received on day 1. Do not collect until prompted or it will not count!
    Some tasks cannot be done ahead of time such as breeding and battling. If one of the tasks is to mate a certain dragon, you need to wait for the prompt or it will not count. Same goes for battling, you need to be prompted first.
    *There is a big difference between raise your dragon to a certain level and feed your dragon. If you are asked to raise the dragon this can be done ahead of time without penalty. If you are asked to feed the dragon you must wait until prompted or it will not count.

    *You may need to breed two days in a row. Make sure your breeding den is available when needed. Plan your breeding for outcomes less than 24 hours if you need to breed the next day.
    *Each task may be skipped by using gold. The amount of gold varies depending on the task. Try to avoid using gold at the beginning of the event as the event will get more difficult each day and the temptation, or need, to skip tasks will increase.
    *If you are stuck on a particularly difficult battle, consider speeding up the time between battles instead of using an Ultimate hit. It only cost 4 gold to battle again right away compared to the 12 gold for Ultimate (30 gold if there is a tournament). You may choose to use Ultimate if you don't have many good battling dragons. If you do use Ultimate, use it within the battle rather than skipping the entire task from the event interface.
    *You may need to raise a dragon to a level above 10. You need to buy a Noble Crystal and place it on your isle to do this. Find it in the market under the buildings tab. The cost is 500,000 coins and there is no build time.

    *If you have completed a task and you haven't received credit for it (such as leveling up a dragon), try force closing and reopening your game. To force close, double click on the home button and swipe up on any apps you wish to force close. If that fails, try deleting our game and reinstalling it. Your game progress is saved on storm8's servers so you shouldn't lose any progress. You may wish to make sure you have a login for your storm8 account just in case you need it after reinstalling your game.

    Planning for the next Dragon Tales event
    *Have a variety of small gemstones on hand. It is always easier to not need to speed breed, evolve, and trade just to craft an item. The best way to do this is to trade your duplicate rare dragons. Rare dragons will give at least 2 small gemstones. Common dragons can work as they will give one small gemstone though it may not be the color you want. For instance, Wild is a common red-green dragon. Trading it will give you either a small green or a small red gemstone.
    *Consider keeping a stash of food on hand to level up the dragon received on day 1 and probably a second dragon. So far, the most food required for a single event has been about 380,000.
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    I'm only gonna do this one for the 2nd dragon. I know the typing for the magic lamp dragon is cosmic, yellow, & purple but what's the typing for the other 2?

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    I used two black gems and spent over 60 gold in the last tournament, but didn't finish. Now I am a bit gun-shy about starting this one. I think I will decide after the flash tournament. . . I really want the Rhyme Dragon! Love the design of the habitat and the dragons! I am sure I will get the first two, but I don't have enough apples prepared to complete a Tale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkBubbles75 View Post
    I'm only gonna do this one for the 2nd dragon. I know the typing for the magic lamp dragon is cosmic, yellow, & purple but what's the typing for the other 2?
    Aladdin Dragon is Blue, Yellow, and Red (Rare)
    Sultana Dragon is Pink, Blue, and Green (Super Rare)

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    I'm out, not interested in doing this adventure. I still haven't recoverd from the last tales, my food stock is still low. Also I'm not able to get all the opals to craft the Opal dragon because I haven't enough food to evolve dragons to get enough bombs. I really need a brake from all those quests/adventures/battles.
    Maybe this is why so many of my neighbours quit playing :/

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    As always, I'm going for this one, but in a couple of days. But not happy about it. Too many events in too little time and now a Tournament and a Tale at the same time, while the last Event just ended half an hour ago. I play Castle Story too, and there was an event till a few days ago, and an event just started yesterday evening.

    Even tho I don't have any dragons that need evolving or feedeing, I still don't have the amount of food I had before last event. Looks like I should be doing 1 hour crops whole day long, just to get enough food...

    I love having new dragons, and I love these in particular, but it's almost too much, even more since there is no way to hatch, and feed, and evolve them, for I would run out of habitats and space within no time.

    Over 150 dragons in storage now. This event will only mean one thing: even more dragons in storage.

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    Personally I was hoping for another wheel

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