I was so thrilled when I saw the new Butterfly Hedge wall, but my heart sank when I noticed the truly shocking price. I've been playing several years & buy gems several times a year at least to support this game that I love, but there is no way I could afford even a tiny section at the outrageous (I've really tried to think of another word but that is the best I can think of) price of 45 gems for 1 tiny piece of a wall. My first thought was someone made a mistake & overlooked a typo that was supposed to be 4 or 5, but I checked back a couple of hours later & it's the same. Then I checked the event thread & found that price listed there. This is bewildering & so disappointing for a player who loves to buy walls & has purchased at least some of almost every one you've offered. This pricing decision makes even less sense when one scrolls further across the list to find the matching gate listed for only 20 gems. Even if players can win a few of these in the game, why make buying additional pieces so extremely expensive that it will be unaffordable to almost everyone. Please, please reconsider this.

Thank you.