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Thread: St. Patrick's Day Event starts March 3, 2016

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    St. Patrick's Day Event starts March 3, 2016

    St. Patrick's Day Event

    Event starts at 3 March 2:30PM PST. Minimum level is 17 for participation. iOS only.

    Meet Darcy the Leprechaun and help him to win your very own Lucky Pony!

    Check back here for further updates.

    Please use Farm 2: Buy/Sell thread for sale of event items.
    I have received feedbacks that numerous buy/sell posts in these recent events threads made it difficult and confusing to find information and answers. And some of the buy/sell posts did went to several pages.

    Therefore, I would like to suggest that members use the Farm 2: Buy/Sell thread for sale of event items as well as regular farm items. This way, we have 2 threads to cater to members with specific needs. Any buy/sell posts in this thread will be removed. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. (Rynetory2)

    If your lucky coins didnt show up after your purchase,
    force shut your game and check your machine again. This will make your lucky coins show up.

    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenTurtle View Post
    My Prize Machine numbers aren't accurate.
    • When you purchase a bundle containing event currency your currency will not immediately update in the Prize Machine dialog. Force close the game and restart it to update it.
    • When you purchase items with Gems while viewing the Prize Machine dialog, your Gem amount will not update to show the decreased amount. Force close the game and restart it to update it.
    Emeralds are only for this event.
    Quote Originally Posted by rynetory2 View Post
    Sorry guys, the team has confirmed the emeralds wouldn't be permanent.
    If you are unable to store your event items, please force shut and restart your game. Thanks.

    Two years ago we had the leprechaun lookout and last year we had a pot of gold that continues to give gold ore!

    What oh what does the Storm Team have in store for us this year!

    A Lucky Prize Machine!
    There are 19 prizes in the prize machine and if you win all nineteen you will receive a bonus shamrock topiary. You get a random prize by putting one gold lucky coin in the machine and spinning.
    The prizes in the machine are:
    Skin for chickens
    Shamrock skin for house
    Shamrock skin for barn
    Shamrock skin for silo
    Skin for cows
    Skin for sheep
    Skin for pigs
    Leprechaun gnome
    Balloon ticket
    Gold ore
    Silver ore
    2 bags of lucky grow
    Lucky clover
    A leprechaun scarecrow
    Golden lure
    Bonus prize for collecting all 19 of above prizes shamrock topiary

    To play the machine you need gold lucky coins which you will receive from doing activities around the farm and/or buying a pot of gold which you can collect a coin from every five hours

    To win the Lucky Pony you need to do the following seven quests.
    The pony is not in the lucky prize machine.

    There are 2 types of clover: Clover & Lucky Clover
    In the Kitchen: 1 Clover makes 1 Dye, 1 Lucky Clover makes 5 Dyes

    You receive clover from buying the plots from the store
    Then you have to plant the plots with Lucky-Gro to make the clover grow.
    Lucky-Gro is a random drop from plane deliveries.

    Post two for the seven quests!
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    I love events!
    There are seven steps in the quest for the Lucky Pony

    Number 1 (I lost the screenshot somehow)
    Buy four clover plots
    Put Lucky-Gro on 5 clover plots
    Harvest 5 clover plots

    Number 2
    Make 9 lucky dye in the kitchen
    Make 9 cookies in the bakery
    Give 9 cookies to Darcy

    Number 3
    Make 4 lucky shoes in the studio
    Make 12 clover cakes in the bakery
    Give 4 lucky shoes to Darcy

    Shoes = 1 dye, 3 flax, 1 gold, takes 5 hours in the Studio
    Cake = 1 dye, 2 flour, 2 white sugar

    Quote Originally Posted by NYM9CX View Post
    Darcy's Dilemma (4 of 7)
    Make (4) Lucky Hats- made in studio 1h 30m; 3 dye, 5 wool, 1 clover (HAVE TO USE REGULAR CLOVER NOT GOLD)
    Make (12) Lucky Cider- made in cider house 15 m; 1 dye, 2 apple cider
    Give (4) Lucky Hats to Darcy
    Reward 130 coins+ 1 Lucky Gold Coin + 30 stars
    Quote Originally Posted by NYM9CX View Post
    Darcy's Dilemma (5 of 7)
    Make (4) Gold Buckles made in studio 1h 30m; 2 iron ore, 1 gold (both from mining)
    Make (4) Lucky Pants- made in studio 4h 30m; 5 dye, 3 wool, 1 gold buckle
    Give (4) Lucky Pants to Darcy
    Reward 130 coins+ 1 Lucky Gold Coin + 30 stars
    Quote Originally Posted by NYM9CX View Post
    Darcy's Dilemma (6 of 7)
    Mine for (5) Emeralds (Go to mine)
    Collect (1) Emerald (Fine these in mine)
    Make (6) Lucky Emblems - made in studio 45m; 2 emerald, 2 iron ore, 1 regular clover
    Reward 130 coins+ 1 Lucky Gold Coin + 30 stars
    Quote Originally Posted by NYM9CX View Post
    Darcy's Dilemma (7 of 7)
    Make (4) Lucky Gift made in studio 1h; 1 emerald, 1 gold (from mine), 1 Irish mince tart (made in kitchen) 1 regular clover
    Irish mince tart 2h; 2 flour, 1 cheese, 2 bacon, 1white sugar

    Make (5) Lucky Jacket made in studio 3h; 8 dye, 5 wool, 2 sliver, 1 emblem (emblem was made in 6 of 7
    Give (5) Lucky Jacket to Darcy
    130 coins+ Lucky Pony + 30 stars
    Quote Originally Posted by NYM9CX View Post
    Emblem won't be finish when you start (7 of 7)
    To complete task of : Gift you need total amount:
    4 emerald, 4gold, 4 Irish mine tart, 4 regular clovers
    To make: Jacket you need total amount:
    40 dye, 25 wool, 10 silver, 5 emblems.
    Irish mince tart you need total amount:
    8 flour, 4 cheese, 8 bacon, 4 White Sugar
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    Since this past Christmas' event was a return to the event of two years past, perhaps this will give us another chance at a Leprechaun lookout?

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    When I opened Farm Story today, I received a notice that said "Join us on 3/3 for a chance to win your own pony." Did anyone else see it?

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    As much time as the Valentine's event took, I may sit this one out. I spent far too long each day messing with filling the orders and for so few points each time. I don't mind a challenge at all, and I realize S8's goal is to get players to spend money, but I have other parts of my life that need attention too--like work!

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    I'm now having trouble getting this game to open. It goes to a black screen with the menu icons around the sides and then shuts down. I'm not as upset as I typically am about such things because I do NOT want another event to start this week.


    Can't I just be allowed to do farm stuff so I can earn coins to buy a sauce maker or expand or something? You know...actually play the game for once...??
    **HAPPY 2019**
    I am taking a break from all games now.
    Apologies to all neighbors and hope to see you again soon!

    DS = Tuffyland (167) CS = Wiggly Valley (50) FFS = bunnyville (116)
    FS2 = Bailey's Acres (48) RS2 = Bob's Bistro (52) BS2 (34) ~~ DC:M (23)

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    Hmm...judging by the number of new skins showing in the announcement, either this is another Fairground event (unlikely, and I definitely hope not) or it's going to a Prize Machine event. It doesn't seem likely to be any other type, though I may be wrong.

    Actually, I don't mind if it's a Prize Machine event. The luck factor can be annoying, but if it's like past such events, at least there's a possibility that we'll get items we can sell (or use in the next machine). I shouldn't get my hopes up, though...all the skins might be prizes for a series of goals.

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    If this is yet another event where we have to fill a bunch of orders for 10 days I'm not going to bother with it. I have work and paper and also going away for a short two days trip over the next couple weeks I'm not gonna have time for it. I'm definitely not spending money for extra data this month and not bringing my iPad to work. Last month I spent $10 for extra data because I was logging in during work break to play like a mad woman... and lol it's still cheaper to buy data than gems If there is a min. level requirement I hope they post it in the announcement on Thursday because my level is still low (it's hard to level up when you are spending all your time and items on events instead of regular quests). Don't even get me started on limited barn storage... I haven't come across ANY cans of paint for upgrading my barn this whole year via delivery. I was checking newspaper all the time during the event and was only lucky enough to come across one can of paint for sale, which I bought right away.

    I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't get the reindeer last year, partly because I don't have enough barn storage to store all the ribbon etc to upgrade the sleigh, and partly because I started late. I do want a pony, but if this event is gonna be similar I think I'll just delete the app and be done with it.
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    Can't wait for this to start. However really struggled with the requests of items I did not have during the last wedding event. Having said that, I did end up with the pair of cute doggies.
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    One has 'choice' whether to do an event or not; play at a pace you are happy with...if one needs the 'challenge' to get that animated graphic then go ahead and play the event. Personally, I'm erring on the side of 'real life'; for this event and possibly future ones. Good luck to all who choose to play this event!!

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