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Thread: Gem Dispenser GONE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pluralrae View Post
    I was redesigning my bakery and somehow my gem dispenser disappeared. Anyone know how I can get it back. No reply from storm 8.
    You won?t get any help from customer support for Bakery Story. They evidently don?t care about this game anymore. They told me to search the forums. I lost one too and I only use iOS for this game. Not for long though, may be quitting all Storm8 games.

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    Nah it’s not a bug at least don’t lie to us. You guys removed the accidentally released gem dispensers from the last sale and now you pretend it’s a “bug” lol. I did my legal step and I advice everyone who got scammed by s8 to the same.

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    Everybody who bought a gem dispenser in the last sale lost their gem dispensers.S8 removed them from every bakery which bought the gem dispenser. This is an illegal act as bought is bought. You wont get any answer, so many people reacted angry, S8 doesn't care one little bit.
    They put it in the sale by mistake they said, they should take their responsibility and give the gem dispensers back, again if you buy something its yours and they have no right to remove it from your bakery.

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    This is an older Gem dispenser thread discussing a different type of issue. Please use the current thread :
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