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Thread: Farm Story 2: Event Guide

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    What shall I do after the event?

    Farm life goes back to normal after an event.

    1. You can store your event buildings and discard unused event items in your barn/silo via the discard feature in your shop.

    Discard event items
    1. Click on your shop
    2. Click on an empty slot
    3. Select an event item from your barn or silo
    4. Use the [+][-] icons to adjust the quantity
    5. Click [Sell] button
    6. Click on the same item
    7. Click [Discard] button
    Repeat Steps 2 to 7 to discard another item.

    2. You may also like to restock your barn/silo and prepare for the next event.
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    Good Advise from Members

    There had been good advise from members posted in various event threads. I thought I would start compiling a list here for easy reference, so we could learn from each other.

    If you spot any good advise or tips that you think is useful for events, please let me know so I can add it here.

    Quote Originally Posted by generalmadness View Post
    I am at level 56 after approximately two years of play. I play consistently, with very sporadic gem purchases of low dollar amounts. My barn is at 680, and it is ALWAYS full. That is just the game. Juggling space and storage needs is a big part of it, but I think barn expansions should be a major priority in your game play. Just realize that it will always be a problem, since as your farm gets more complex, there are more things to store, like animal feed, expansion parts, sugar, flour, etc.

    Plane deliveries are crucial in this game, especially in this kind of event. My advice is to go through the plane deliveries and discard any that you can not fill. Fill any you can, and then wait for them to reload, rather than trying to craft or buy the missing items.

    When you find yourself saying "It's not fair!" Remember this is a FREE GAME. Of course they want you to buy gems! That is how they pay people to build and maintain these things! Of course the goals and events are challenging! That is the POINT. That is what makes it a GAME and not just a kindergarten block puzzle. Take a deep breath, and decide if you want to continue. I find this particular game to be the most engaging, and it can actually be quite generous with the free gems, from pets and the butterfly/otter/mole opportunities, compared to other games.

    Final advice: READ THE EVENT THREADS, before you post. There is great advice being given here all the time. This one didn't get Rynetory's event advice spiel, but you can read that on the last event's first page. It is really good advice about how to be ready to play this type of event.

    Good luck, everyone! Have fun!
    Quote Originally Posted by Candreozzi0115 View Post
    Thank you general madness for posting this... if everyone would read the event treads, understand that the events would be challenging, etc., this would solve a lot of the issues. Thanks for this post!!
    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    A suggestion for future events.
    I never give ores to plane or train deliveries I hoard them for events.
    I refresh all plane orders and as for trains I fill up to the two gem mark if the trains wants gold, iron or silver
    I also delete jewellery orders and wait thirty minutes for a new order.
    Quote Originally Posted by rynetory2 View Post
    Likewise, I dont give my deliveries nor trains these ores so I can conserve them for events. I also stock up about 10 of these ores plus mining tools during non event days cos no one will sell them during an event that needs it. I buy whenever I see from the market. I mine some before the event so it takes off the stress of not finding what I need in the mine.

    I would suggest that you sit out an event or two to stock up your barn, coins, etc. Once your barn is well stocked, then join the event when you are ready or up to it. It is stressful and frustrating to do an event with limited resources especially when time is the essence. You can also read this thread (Is your farm ready for an event?) and see if it helps you. Post your difficulties there so fellow members can also give you advise for future events.

    Events are optional. If you enjoy this game for the game itself, play on and do the events only when you feel up to it. Hope this helps. All the best.
    With regards to upgrading the event building for World Event.
    Quote Originally Posted by capitalcee View Post
    You don't have to fully upgrade your event building to win the pet. Just do the math to see if it can get done for the remaining duration of the event.
    Quote Originally Posted by rynetory2 View Post
    IMHO Farm 2 has 2 wonderful features that make this game easier than other Storm8 games. We can send trains which let us earn gems every day and we have the newspaper and sideshops to buy/sell things needed for upgrades, expansions and events. These are our resources guys, use them to help with your events and farm expansions.

    Dont forget your neighbours - they are your best assets. Not every farm lack the same event upgrade part. It's important that you have one or a few good neighbours who will help you. Work out a buddy system with a good neighbour who can trade stuffs with you during events or day to day farm activities like sending your trains. If you need more help, use the buy/sell thread and the community will help you out too.

    I know events can be challenging but with help from good neighbours, they are more doable and more fun. Keep sending your trains whenever you can; those gems sure come in handy during events. So if you havent a buddy system today, be sure to keep an eye.
    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    I took time and checked my entire farm for hidden empty squares and THEY were there.
    Like perhaps behind a tree by a machine etc
    I did this in first couple hours of the event.
    I then covered every empty square with a stepping stone, decoration etc
    I created a GNOME JAIL
    Only place the sneaky little Sherlock GNOME could appear
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    Frequently asked questions

    When does the event starts?
    Event starts at 2:30pm PST on the start date. You can use this Time Zone Converter to figure out your local time. You can enter "San Francisco" for the S8 time zone (PST).

    Where can I find my event prizes?
    Event prizes are found in your cellar. Some event prize pets require you to purchase the habitat from the Market while others come with it.

    Why can't I sell the event items?
    Depending on the event, some events disallow us to sell event items during the event but these items can be sold once the event is over.

    How do I get rid of event items?
    You can sell or discard your unused event items after the event. See What shall I do after the event?

    Why can't I store my event building?
    You can't store your event building during the event but you can store once the event is over. See Store your building. Your event building becomes a decoration after the event.

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    List of Events

    Year 2014
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    Year 2015
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    Year 2016
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    General guidelines for Leaderboard events

    Leaderboard events let you compete with your friends and other community farmers in a fun and friendly way! During a limited-time leaderboard event, you'll compete for incredible prizes by completing tasks that earn leaderboard points.
    Don't worry about going against players with a higher level than you! The game pairs you with players around your level, so no need to be intimidated! Having smaller groups of players around the same level means more winners and prizes!

    How to play
    1. Check what you need to do to earn Leaderboard points (see section "How to earn Leaderboard points")
    2. Earn Leaderboard points by playing
    3. Collect your Milestone prizes as you progress
    4. Aim to stay at 1st to 12th position at the end of the event to win the Rank Prizes. Only the top 2 winners will win the the Grand Prize pet.

    How to earn Leaderboard points
    How you earn points can change from event to event. One event might have you collect from your animals to earn points, while another might have you making crafts in certain buildings. Click on Leaderboard icon on the right of your screen and click on [Info] tab to check each event's info to learn how to earn points!

    Quote Originally Posted by rynetory2 View Post
    The 3 points/hr for Bakery means that you get 6 points for crafting a 2 hr craft. The points are given according to the duration of craft time. Bread gets 1 point because it's only 15mins.

    Likewise for the 2 points/hr for animals. Cows and chickens get 1 point for their short harvesting time. The longer the animal takes to harvest, the more points you get from it.
    Cow - 0.5 point
    Chicken - 1 point
    Donkey - 3 points
    Pig - 6 points
    Beehive - 6 points
    Sheep - 12 points
    Alpaca - 18 points
    Goat - 20 points

    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post
    For your information:

    With regards to the +1 points in buildings, you get 1 leaderboard point for every 1 hour craft. The game does not show 0.5 points but they accumulate. For crafts of lesser duration than 1 hour, you need to make enough for 1 hour in order to get 1 point.

    Craft items in the Windmill - 1+ points
    6 flour (10 mins) = 1 point
    3 white sugar (20 mins) = 1 point
    2 powdered sugar (30 mins) = 1 point
    1 corn starch (1 hr 30 mins) = 1 point
    2 corn starch (1 hr 30 mins) = 3 points

    Event Boosts
    Boosts multiply the number of points you earn for a limited time. Take advantage of Boosts to earn more points and climb the leaderboards! The final leaderboard rankings determine which players are the event winners and which exclusive prizes they've won!

    In addition to prizes awarded at the end of each event, you'll also reach milestones and win prizes before the event ends. For example, you might win a bundle of crafts after 100 points and a sweet decoration at 500 points. The final milestone prize might even be as exclusive as a brand-new pet! You must earn at least 10 points to win a prize, so start fast!

    High Levels: Levels 51 and above
    Mid Levels: Levels 33 to 50
    Low Levels: Levels 15 to 32

    Leaderboard spin
    A wheel of prizes will frequently appear to help boost your rank! You could get bundles of leaderboard points, gems, coins, crafts, and much more! Play daily to spin the wheel and climb the leaderboards to the top!

    (1) Use your Leaderboard spin every 4hr.
    (2) Use Crops & Crafts Boosts or buy the Event Boost to help with your progress.
    (3) Depending on the points requirements of the event, the best time to use an event boost (x1.5 or x2) is when all your animals are ready for collection, your crafts are done crafting and delivery orders are ready to send at once.
    (4) Have the maximum number of farm animals on your farm to be able to collect more points when you collect from them.

    (1) You collect your Milestone prizes as you progress during the event when you have earned enough Leaderboard points. You will get the Rank Prizes at the completion of the event depending which rank you finished at.
    (2) Points required for Milestone prizes vary by farm level.
    (3) It's important to note the end date and time of the event and convert to your own time zone so you don't miss out. You can use this Time Zone Converter to figure out your local time. You can enter "San Francisco" for the S8 time zone (PST).
    (4) Each LB group usually has 20 players. If you see new players in your group, they are the players logging in for the first time after the event has started. This way, players are playing against active players.

    You can check the Ducks - NEW Leaderboard Event! Quack Quack! thread to read more about Leaderboard events.

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    List of Events

    Year 2017
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    List of Events - Year 2018

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    General guidelines for Monthly events

    This is a monthly event. Day 1 starts when the event starts. Subsequent days start at game reset time, midnight California time. Fulfil the Daily Goals to complete the Main Goal to win the Grand Prize.

    Main Goal (example)
    Welcome Tucker The Seal!
    Open 31 Winter Presents
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 1 Tucker the Seal, 3 experience points

    Daily Goals
    Goal 1 of 2: Holiday Surprises
    Visit 10 Farmers
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 100 Present Axes, 3 experience points

    Goal 2 of 2: Holiday Surprises
    Send 20 Warehouse Deliveries
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 1 Winter Present, 3 experience points

    How to play?
    1. For each game day, you get a new set of daily goals (e.g. Holiday Surprises goals - Part 1 and 2) and you need to complete them to earn 100 Present Axes and a Winter Present.

    2. Open your Winter Presents to earn prizes. This step is optional. The Main Goal counts the number of Winter Presents you have regardless if you open them. But do make sure you redeem your prizes before the Monthly Event ends to avoid losing them.

    3. Open 31 Winter Presents from daily goals, events or purchase from Market to complete the Main Goal (e.g. Welcome Tucker the Seal goal) to earn the Grand Prize.

    How to open a Winter Present?
    Place your Winter Present on your farm and click on it then click on the Present Axes at the bottom of your screen.

    What happens if I missed a day or 2 of the Daily goals?
    You can earn Winter Presents as rewards from other events occurring during the month, besides the Daily Goals. So keep going with your daily goals and keep a lookout for more ways to earn winter presents.

    (1) Present Axes are not found in barn or cellar because they take up space. You can see how many you have by clicking on the winter present and see the number of axes shown at the bottom of your screen.

    (2) You get a new set of Daily goals at midnight PST.

    (3) Daily goals expire at midnight PST. They don't carry over to the next day. It's important to note this and convert to your own time zone so you don't miss out. You can use this Time Zone Converter to figure out your local time. You can enter "San Francisco" for the Storm8 time zone (PST).

    (4) Make sure you redeem your prizes before the Monthly Event ends to avoid losing them.

    (1) Prepare your warehouse orders before the next game day starts. Align them and discard those which you can't complete so that all orders are ready to go when you get your new daily goals.
    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    I have reset orders in the plane delivery and gathered the items needed so all eight spots are ready to fly.
    (2) Stock up your farm items while you prepare for the next game day.

    You can check the Dec Event: Welcome Tucker the Seal - 2018 Dec 1 thread to read more about monthly events.

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