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Thread: Farm Story 2: Index Listing

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    Wasabi paste - craft made in the Sushi Shop
    Wasabi plant - water garden crop
    Wasabi root - crop dried in the Dryer
    Water garden - farm feature
    Water pump - decoration
    Water wheel fountain - decoration
    Watercress - water garden crop
    Watercress leaves - crop dried in the Dryer
    Watercress pizza - craft made in the Pizza Oven
    Watercress soup - craft made in the Kitchen
    Watering can fountain - decoration
    Wedding pony - pet
    Wheat - farm crop
    Wheat noodles - craft made in the Noodle House
    Wheelbarrow - decoration
    Wheelbarrow planter - decoration
    White barn - building skin
    White chick - pet
    White chicken - animal skin
    White chinchilla - pet
    White daisy - flower
    White lovebird - event prize pet
    White pizza - craft made in the Pizza Oven
    White rabbit - pet
    White show pony - pet
    White silo - building skin
    White sugar - craft made in the Windmill
    White truffle - found in the Truffle Forest
    White truffle risotto - craft made in the Kitchen
    Wild bouquet - craft made in the Floral Shop
    Wildlife den - pet habitat
    Windmill - farm building
    Windmill boost - farm feature
    Winter cat - pet
    Winter pony - pet
    Wise owl - event prize pet
    Wishing coin - craft made in the Jewelsmith. Used for playing the Wishing Well
    Wishing well - farm feature
    Witch cat - pet
    Witch gnome - event prize pet
    Wood necklace - craft made in the Jewelsmith
    Wool plank - upgrade part
    Wooden button - craft made in the Studio
    Wooden crate - decoration
    Wooden crate - craft made in the Farmer's Outpost
    Wool - product collected from sheep
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    Yarn - craft made in the Studio
    Yellow flowerbed - decoration
    Yellow lab - pet
    Yellow roses - decoration


    Zebra - pet
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