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Thread: Level 99 on my ipod, level 1 on phone

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    It would be nice if an employee of storm 8 would post to let the customers know what is going on. Are people going to have a way to log into other accounts?

    Maybe an update from someone in the know could make a post about what is going on so players are not all frantic would help quell all the concerns and help people not feel so upset over all the uncertainty going on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynniefish View Post
    Well, I just discovered that my android device is also reset to level one. No amount of deleting and reinstalling helps...even tried several old versions of the game. I cannot access my account. So many reasons to use different devices...wifi, battery life, convenience, being able to actually see the screen, and so on. If we are not allowed to access our game on different devices, I'm done.

    (I have contacted tech support. My most recent experience with them, just a couple of weeks ago, was ridiculously tedious and completely unsatisfactory. Not holding out much hope for this one.)

    Try logging in through Fruit Mania. It still has a log in feature through the settings button.
    Be sure to force close RS first.
    Hoping that gets your game back.

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    They really messed this me up, they reset my game too,,I've been playing for over 6 years and I not starting over on level 1

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    I thought I was the only one who encountered this problem!
    I can access Bakery Story and Restaurant Story with ease on my iPad, but on my Samsung Galaxy S5, Bakery Story works perfectly but Restaurant Story sets me back to the start. I tried logging in with my Storm8 ID, but even after overwriting the progress, I still get the Level 1 basic Restaurant Story starter. Deleting the app and downloading it again didn't help either.

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    Sorry about your accounts. Please see this thread on this issue and it has been addressed by a community manager.

    Quote Originally Posted by SparklyOctopus View Post
    Restaurant Story 1.7.8 will not have access to the login feature any longer as we're working to roll out a new feature. If you have a secondary account that you're unable to access with the new update, please email for assistance.

    Recovery of your games cannot be done via the forum, so please send an email to for assistance.

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