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Thread: Farm Story 2: Farm Activities and Features Guide

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    Tropical Tree / Tropical Grove / Tropical Oasis

    Available at level ?.
    Tropical Tree - 1,000 coins
    Tropical Grove - 90 gems
    Tropical Oasis - quest prize (not available for purchase) | 3x3 size
    Maximum Available: 2 Tropical Tree, 2 Tropical Grove, 1 Tropical Oasis
    Tropical Tree / Tropical Grove - 1 random mango/pineapple every 2 hours.
    Tropical Oasis - 2 random mango/pineapple/golden passion fruit/purple passion fruit every 2 hours.

    Note: The rainbow appears when it's ready for collection and disappears after collection.

    List of Crafts
    Mango Crafts:
    canned fruit smoothie, dried mango, green smoothie

    Pineapple Crafts:
    canned pineapple slices, canned fruit smoothie

    Goal Guide: -

    Quest thread:

    Discussion thread:

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    Home Hydroponic / Pro Hydroponic / Aquaponics

    Available at level 14.
    Home Hydroponic - 1,500 coins | 1x1 size
    Pro Hydroponic - 125 gems | 1x1 size
    Aquaponics - quest prize (not available for purchase) | 2x2 size
    Maximum Available: 2 Home Hydroponic, 1 Pro Hydroponic, 1 Aquaponics
    Home Hydroponic, Pro Hydroponic - 2 random soybeans/soy milk every 3.5 hours.
    Aquaponics - 2 random soybeans/soy milk and 1 random mango/pineapple every 3.5 hours.

    List of Crafts
    Soybeans Crafts:
    tempeh, soya chunks, miso, edamame
    (tempeh chips, soybean tacos, spicy edamame)

    Soy Milk Crafts:
    tofu, miso, soy candle, green smoothie, soy milk lotion
    (buffalo tofu bites)

    Goal Guide: -

    Quest thread:

    Discussion thread:

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    Available at level 14.

    Plant watermelon
    Buy Planter Boxes or Golden Planter Boxes from the Market and start planting watermelon. The current maximum is 6 planter boxes and 2 golden planter boxes. Watermelon work different from other type of crops because they are mixed seeds.
    1. Click on an empty Planter Box
    2. Select the button to plant Watermelon seeds
    3. Wait for your watermelon seeds to grow
    4. Collect to see what you got.

    Note: Do not use up your last Watermelon Seed as you need it for planting. However you can buy from the newspaper or your neighbours if you did.

    Harvest your watermelons
    Swipe the sickle tool over your watermelons to harvest and they are stored in your silo. You will get a random watermelon and two watermelon seeds.

    List of watermelons
    Basic Watermelon
    Crafts: Watermelon Grill, Melon Fuels

    Square Watermelon
    Crafts: Watermelon Shark, Watermelon Punch, Melon Leathers, Melon Helmets

    Yellow Watermelon
    Crafts: Watermelon Flower, Melon Leathers

    Orange Watermelon
    Crafts: Watermelon Pig, Watermelon Essence, Melon Leathers

    Moon & Stars Watermelon

    Crafts: Watermelon Drink, Watermelon Sherbet, Melon Leathers, Melon Bags

    Discussion thread:

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    Win a special pet prize by tapping on pets which appear around your farm!

    • Collect PetCoins by tapping on the tappable pets that appear in your Farm. These may be different than the pets pictured below, depending on the prizes. You'll know if a PetCoin event is going on because the pets will replace the traditional Otter, Mole and Butterflies.
    • Craft the pet that you would like to make in the Farmer's Outpost. You can keep track of how many PetCoins in the Farmer's Outpost. You can use your PetCoins to craft any of the available prizes.
    • Collect your prize.

    (Please note that PetCoins are not transferable between events)

    Quote Originally Posted by ExcalS8 View Post
    The Otter, Mole, and Butterflies have indeed been replaced by the Rainbow Zebra, Rooster, and Bubble Frog.

    Attachment 63773Attachment 63772Attachment 63774

    This is a special mini-event that lasts until the Mega-Sale ends on Monday. They can drop the same items as the Otter, Mole, and Butterflies, but in addition can drop PetCoins which can be redeemed for any of these three pets at the Farmer's Outpost. Get 'em while you can!
    Discussion thread:

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