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Thread: Farm Story 2: Buildings and Crafts Guide

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    Buildings and Crafts Guide

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    These are the farm buildings available on your farm. Click on the buildings shown in the list below to see what they do and the crafts they make.

    Buy a building
    Farm buildings are available as your farm levels up. You can buy these buildings under the Buildings tab in the Market. It is recommended that you buy the buildings as they are made available to you. Delayed purchase of buildings will affect your game, namely deliveries, trains, balloons, events, etc. Sometimes you are required to buy event buildings for the purpose of the event.

    Change your building's skin (currently IOS only)
    You can change the skin of your farm buildings as often as you like and even according to seasons. These buildings' skins are available for purchase from Market, Piper's Tree House or you can win limited edition buildings' skins from events. See Post #3 for some pictures of buildings' skins.

    1. Go into Edit mode by clicking on the hammer & wrench icon at the bottom right of your screen.
    2. Click on the building
    3. Click on the paintbucket
    4. Select the building skin to use
    5. Exit Edit mode

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    After you win it, you have to drag it once from your cellar for it to show up in the edit skin menu
    Move your building
    1. Go into Edit mode
    2. Click and drag the building to another location
    3. Exit Edit mode

    Rotate your building
    1. Go into Edit mode
    2. Click on the building
    3. Click on the rotate arrows
    4. Exit Edit mode

    Store your building
    You are unable to store regular farm buildings however you can store event buildings after the event.
    1. Go into Edit mode
    2. Click on the building
    3. Click on the to cellar
    4. Exit Edit mode

    Crafting Goods
    Crafting is one of the most important things to do in Farm Story 2. There are a number of different buildings for you to use: the Feed Mill, the Kitchen, the Dairy, the Deep Fryer, and more. Each of these buildings has a different set of recipes that you can create.

    To craft goods, tap on a crafting building. Next, tap the item you want to make and then tap the [Craft] button to add it to the queue. As long as you have enough ingredients, you can queue up multiple goods within a crafting building. This allows you to make more items at the same time.

    Upgrade your craft buildings
    You can upgrade your buildings by adding craft slots to maximise your crafting. It is very useful to have your buildings crafting while you are away from the game, so open as many slots as you can. Each building comes with 2 free craft slots and you can have a maximum of 7 craft slots.

    1. Click on the building while it's in crafting mode
    2. Click [Unlock] button on the next locked slot
    3. Click [Add Slot Now] button

    Craft Slot Requirements
    1st free
    2nd free
    3rd 1 nail, 1 paint, 1 screw
    4th 3 nails, 3 paints, 3 screws
    5th 5 nails, 5 paints, 5 screws
    6th 7 nails, 7 paints, 7 screws
    7th 10 nails, 10 paints, 10 screws

    List of Buildings (in alphabetical order)
    Note: There are some farm features included in this building list to facilitate new members.
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