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Thread: Valentine's Day Goals- February 2016

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    Isn't the new short quest over yet? I thought it was to last for only 2 days??

    The hearts that you get from Quincy take up precious space in my pantry. I guess I can fill up my pantry with sugar and flour to full capacity so I can delete the hearts.

    Just wondering if the mods know when the quest will be done and the hearts disappear from my pantry on their own? If it will be around for several more days, then I'd best fill up my pantry and delete those hearts. Thanks!

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    Should be finishing in 3 hours from time of posting. I'm pretty sure the deco items in the market and the goal were due to finish at the same time. My timer is gone though as I finished this.

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    I just collected hearts from Quincy just to get him out of my bakery. Maybe he won't be back? Unless we need those hearts for something else...

    Hopefully next time the special items needed to complete quests won't be added to the pantry inventory count. That's what happens in rs2.

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