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Thread: Farm Story 2: Main Guide

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    Welcome Note
    Warmest welcome to Farm Story 2! We are delighted to have you joining our community.

    Come and join in our chats and discussions with fellow farmers. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Enjoy yourself and Happy Farming!

    Here are some useful threads:

    Have an issue or a bug in your game?
    Post in Farm Story 2| Bugs & Issues forum. Please read this before posting bugs report.

    New to the Forum?
    If you are new to the Storm8 forum and like to know what are the dos and don'ts on the forum, please read the Forum Rules & Policies to find out more.

    Storm8 Support:
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    Table of Contents
    Use the Table of Contents to locate the topic of your interest and click on the links

    ...Main Guide Farm Story 2 | Game Guides forum...
    Getting started
    Create a Storm8 ID
    Land expansion
    Expansion papers & Upgrade parts & Tools
    Farm level
    New items for new levels
    Features currently unavailable on Android devices
    Regarding in-app purchases
    Game version
    New device - transfer your games
    Troubleshooting for frequent issues
    What can I do to try to resolve my game issues?
    Frequently asked questions
    Storm8 Forum
    Storm8 Support
    Update Threads
    What shall I buy next?
    Spin to Win Threads
    Fun Corner

    ...Buildings and Crafts Guide Farm Story 2 | Game Guides forum...
    Buy a building
    Change your buildings' skin
    Move your building
    Rotate your building
    Store your building
    Crafting goods
    Upgrade your craft buildings
    List of buildings

    List of crafts

    ...Farm Activities and Features Guide Farm Story 2 | Game Guides forum...
    Farm features
    Water Garden Crops

    ...Pets Guide Farm Story 2 | Game Guides forum...
    List of pets
    Buy a pet
    Call your pets
    Collect from pets
    Feed your pets
    Store your pets
    Win a free pet

    Pets' Habitats
    • Rotate your pets' habitat
    • Store your pets' habitat
    • List of pets' habitats
    Candid moments and funny stories of our pets
    Events prize pets - 2014
    Events prize pets - 2015
    Events prize pets - 2016
    Events prize pets - 2017
    Events prize pets - 2018

    ...Index Listing Farm Story 2 | Game Guides forum...
    Looking for something specific? Use the index to search. Click on the links provided to see more details of the items.
    Note: This list excludes event buildings and decoration prizes.







    ...Event Guide Farm Story 2 | Event and Goal Guides forum...
    Fair event
    Goal event
    Luck event
    Prize Machines event
    World event
    Leaderboard event
    Monthly event
    Requirements for events
    Get your farm ready to participate in events
    Suggested list of difficult to find crafts
    What shall I do prior to event?
    What shall I do after the event?
    Good advise from members
    Frequently asked questions
    List of events

    ...Goal Guide Farm Story 2 | Event and Goal Guides forum...
    Frequently asked questions
    List of goals/quests threads
    Game goals
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    Main Guide

    Have some feedback on the Guides? Click here to leave your feedback & suggestions.

    Getting Started

    Building up your farm requires that you carefully balance your management of resources and buildings. There are several important aspects to remember: Farming, Tending Animals, Crafting Goods, Completing Orders and Expanding.

    Farming (click here to see more)
    Crops, such as Wheat and Corn, are used in many recipes. You'll also use them to feed your animals. Plant a crop by tapping on an empty plot. Tap the crops that appear at the bottom of the screen to plant them.

    When crops are ready to harvest, a sickle tool will appear on screen! Drag the sickle on top of the ready crops to harvest them. For each crop you plant, you'll get 2 of that crop back. For example, when you plant 4 Wheat, you'll get 8 Wheat when you harvest them.

    Animals (click here to see more)
    You'll need pens to hold your animals, up to 4 animals in a single pen. You can buy animals and pens in the Market. Alternatively, you can buy animals by tapping on a pen. Only one kind of animal fits in each pen.

    Feeding animals will cause them to produce resources after a short time. For example, cows produce milk and chickens produce eggs. Feed animals by tapping on the pen and then tapping on their feed bag icon at the bottom of the screen. When animals are ready to collect, a bucket will appear on the screen! Drag the bucket over the ready animals to collect from them. Make feed for your animals in the Feed Mill.

    Crafting Goods (click here to see more)
    Crafting is one of the most important things to do in Farm Story 2. There are a number of different buildings for you to use: the Feed Mill, the Kitchen, the Dairy, the Deep Fryer, and more. Each of these buildings has a different set of recipes that you can create.

    To craft goods, tap on a crafting building. Next, tap the item you want to make and then tap the [Craft] button to add it to the queue. As long as you have enough ingredients, you can queue up multiple goods within a crafting building. This allows you to make more items at the same time.

    Completing Deliveries (click here to see more)
    Completing Deliveries is the best way to level up and gain coins. View the list of available orders by tapping on the Delivery Warehouse.

    Collect, harvest and craft all the required items in a delivery, and then press the [Send] button to send the Delivery Plane to town with your goods. When the plane returns, tap it to collect coins, experience and sometimes expansion parts. Deliveries are the heart of Farm Story 2! Check your Delivery Warehouse often.

    Trains (click here to see more)
    At level 25, you unlock Train Deliveries. To use the Train, expand to the Train Station located on the north side of your Farm and repair it. When the Train arrives, tap on the Train Station. You have a limited amount of time to complete the Train delivery. Tap on goods to load them into the Train. Achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold milestones to earn bonus rewards.

    Farmers' Market and Delivery Trucks (click here to see more)
    At level 7, you will unlock the Farmer's Market and Delivery Trucks! Expand to the Farmer's Market and repair it and you'll be open for business in no time! All of the local businesses will send their Delivery Trucks straight to your farm to collect the freshest, most 'organic' goods that your farm has to offer!

    When the truck arrives, tap on it or the Farmer's Market to transfer goods and complete the orders. The time to deliver all the goods is limited so act fast or the delivery trucks will leave! As a reward for a successful delivery, you'll earn Cowbells that may be traded in for new and exclusive prizes like crafting buildings, exclusive crafts, and much more!

    Expanding Your Farm (click here to see more)
    Expanding your farm requires you to be at least level 2. Expanding requires expansion papers: Land Deeds, Expansion Permits and Old Maps. You'll get these occasionally from sending Deliveries. Expand your Farm by tapping the Expand signs that appear at the borders of your farm.
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    Create a Storm8 ID

    Before you can add neighbours, you must first create a Storm8 ID. To create a Storm8 ID open the Social page from the Menu and tap the Invite tab. If you already have a Storm8 ID it will be displayed at the top of the page. If you do not have a Storm8 ID, you will have to sign up for one.

    Remember that when choosing a Storm8 ID this is what you will give to other players if you want them to invite you as a neighbour, so be sure that you choose wisely.

    Note: Your Storm8 ID and password are important for recovering your Storm8 games in case you lose your device or games.
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    You can purchase crop plots, bushes, trees, animals, pets, buildings and decorations from the Market. Click on the bottom right icon on your screen to access the Market. Click on the various tabs and see the items available.
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    Farm Story 2 is more fun when you play with friends and join in the community.

    The Community is composed of everyone who plays Farm Story 2. You can help members of the Community by visiting their farms or writing an encouraging comment on their walls. To find members of the Community, visit the Social page by tapping the icon in the top right corner of the game, and tap the Community tab. From here you can view a list of several Community members and go to their Farms by tapping the Visit button.

    When you visit another player's farm, you can interact with the buildings that have been built. This increases your Social Rating. Your Social Rating is displayed at the bottom of the Farm you are visiting and can range from 0 to 4 hearts. A higher Social Rating increases your chances of appearing at the top of the Community list when other players are looking for someone to visit. Keep in mind that you can only interact with a limited number of buildings at each player you visit per day, so if you want to get a Social Rating of 4, you will need to help several community members or neighbours (explained in the Playing With Friends section).

    Playing with friends

    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post
    The limit is 2000, but it won't load the whole list at once. As you visit neighbors, they cycle through so that you eventually see the rest of your neighbors.
    You can become neighbours with your friends from other Storm8 Studios and Storm8 games or become neighbours with community members you've met in Farm Story 2. A neighbour is similar to a Community member but you can send them gifts and gain experience when visiting them each day. Before you can add neighbours (explained in the Playing With Friends section) you must first create a Storm8 ID. To become neighbours you need to follow these easy steps:

    1. Select Social from the Main Menu, tap the Invite tab and signup for a Storm8 ID if you haven't already.
    2. Click the empty box next to the "Friend's Storm8 ID" text, enter your friend's Storm8 ID, and tap Invite.

    You have now invited someone to be your neighbour. They won't show up as your neighbour until they accept the invite. Likewise, other players can invite you to be their neighbour using your Storm8 ID. To see if someone has invited you to become their neighbour, select Social and tap the Invite tab. Neighbour Requests that you have received will be displayed and you can either accept or decline them. You can also add your Storm8 ID and find other players looking for neighbours in the Add Me forum.

    Neighbour quick-add
    When you visit another player's farm via the Community list or the newspaper, you can instantly send a neighbour invite by tapping on the Add Neighbour button at the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

    You must have a Storm8 ID in order to Quick-Add other players. You can only Quick-Add up to 3 players each day. You can still invite additional neighbours from the Invite tab in the Social menu.

    Giving gifts to your friends
    To give a gift to another player, you must first add them as a neighbour. You can then send a gift either directly through the Neighbours page by tapping the [Gift] button next to their name or by visiting a neighbour's farm and then tapping the [Gift] icon on the bottom right side of the screen. When you send a gift, you are not giving up items you already have, and it doesn't cost anything. It is like buying your friends presents for completely free! Your friends will surely appreciate that and return the favor. Do note that you can only send 3 gifts daily. If you select more than 3 neighbours, the game will randomly select 3 neighbours from your selection.

    Receiving gifts from neighbours
    When a neighbour sends you a gift, a News icon will appear on your screen. Tap it to open it and accept or decline the gifts you've been sent. There will be an option to send a return gift.

    Related Topic: Create a Storm8 ID
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    Land Expansion

    Required expansion papers: expansion permits, land deeds, old maps

    Expanding your farm requires you to be at least level 2 and it requires expansion papers. You'll get these occasionally from sending Deliveries. Expand your Farm by tapping the Expand signs that appear at the borders of your farm.

    Where shall I expand to?
    The following are the various farm features that you can expand to. I would recommend that you expand in this suggested order but you should adjust according to your preferences.

    Expansion Requirement
    1. News Stand Repair: 1 brick, 1 wood plank
    2. Shop Expansion: 1 expansion permit
    Repair: 1 hammer, 1 wood plank
    3. The Farmers' Market
    (currently IOS only)
    1 brick, 1 paint, 2 wood planks
    4. Piper's Tree House
    (currently IOS only)
    5. Fishing Pond 1 nail, 1 paint, 1 screw
    6. Mine Expansion: 8 expansion permits, 8 land deeds, 8 old maps, 8,000 coins
    Repair: 5 bricks, 5 hammers, 5 wood planks
    7. Train Station Expansion: 8 expansion permits, 8 land deeds, 8 old maps
    Repair: 3 bricks, 3 hammers, 3 wood planks
    8. Herb Garden Expansion: 10 expansion permits, 10 land deeds
    9. Alpaca Expansion: 15 expansion permits, 15 land deeds, 15 old maps, 50,000 coins
    Repair: ?
    10. Beehive Expansion: 8 expansion permits, 8 land deeds, 8 old maps, 40,000 coins
    11. Truffle Forest
    (currently IOS only)
    Expansion: 19 expansion permits, 19 land deeds, 19 old maps, 35,000 coins
    Repair: 16 bricks, 16 hammers, 16 wood planks
    12. Water Garden Expansion: 28 expansion permits, 28 land deeds, 28 old maps, 75,000 coins
    Repair water plots: bricks, hammers, wood planks
    Repair dryer: 2 nails, 2 paints, 2 screws
    13. Hot Air Balloon Station
    (currently IOS only)
    Expansion: 17 expansion permits, 17 land deeds, 17 old maps, 20,000 coins
    Repair: 7 bricks, 7 hammers, 7 wood planks
    14. Wishing Well
    (currently IOS only)
    Expansion: 26 expansion permits, 26 land deeds, 26 old maps, 70,000 coins

    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Regina View Post
    For Junk Piles, you do not know what special items you will get when you clear it, but you will receive several goodies!

    Please be sure to have enough Barn space so that you are able to store the new items.
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    Expansion Papers & Upgrade Parts & Tools

    Expansion Papers
    These expansion papers are used to expand your farm. These can be found when doing deliveries and collecting from pets.
    • Expansion permit
    • Land deed
    • Old map

    Expansion Parts
    These expansion parts are used to expand your farm. These can be found when doing deliveries.
    • Survey Machine
    • For Sale Sign
    • New Map

    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post

    Hi Guys,

    I have some updates for you regarding the questions you have asked in the thread.

    1. Will future expansions require old expansion papers? Can we sell them off?

    Sorry I'm afraid there's no answer to this as Storm8 does not speculate future game developments. I would suggest that you keep both old papers and new parts just in case. I am keeping mine and sell off the spares.

    2. For members who have not fully expanded their farm, when will the new expansion parts drop?

    New expansion parts will not drop until Brave New Future is completed as I mentioned earlier.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post
    Clicking Go button will bring you to the bottom of the farm where the new expansion plots are. You will need to expand the nearby plots before you can get to the new plots which means you wont get the next goal until you expand the surrounding old plots.
    Once you complete the Brave New Future goal, your Discover The Future goal will appear.

    3. New expansion parts currently come only from the Order Warehouse's deliveries.
    Goal Guide: New Expansion Parts goals

    Upgrade parts
    These upgrade parts are used to upgrade buildings. These can be found when doing deliveries, fishing pond, mining, tapping on moles and collecting from pets. You can make hammer, nail and screw at the Forge. Play the Salvage Yard and win these as random prizes.
    • Brick
    • Paint
    • Screw
    • Nail
    • Hammer
    • Wood plank

    These tools are used to clear newly expanded land, for mining and cutting trees. These can be found when doing deliveries, fishing pond, mining and collecting from pets. You can make pickaxe and shovel at the Forge. Play the Salvage Yard and win these as random prizes.
    • Pickaxe
    • Shovel
    • Saw
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    Farm Level

    To increase your level, you have to earn experience points. There are a number of ways you can do this:
    • Harvest your crops
    • Tend animals and trees
    • Complete deliveries at the Delivery Warehouse
    • Craft goods in your buildings

    ...Current Level: xps for current level

    1: -
    2: 40
    3: 120
    4: 230
    5: 350
    6: 480
    7: 650
    8: 1,050
    9: 1,440
    10: 1,800
    11: 2,500
    12: 3,300
    13: 4,100
    14: 5,100
    15: 6,000
    16: 7,400
    17: 8,300
    18: 9,200
    19: 11,100
    20: 12,300

    21: 15,000
    22: 18,300
    23: 20,700
    24: 24,300
    25: 28,000
    26: 31,000
    27: 35,900
    28: 40,500
    29: 44,400
    30: 48,600
    31: 54,100
    32: 58,800
    33: 63,600
    34: 70,200
    35: 75,600
    36: 81,200
    37: 88,900
    38: 95,100
    39: 101,500
    40: 110,300

    41: 115,700
    42: 121,300
    43: 129,300
    44: 135,200
    45: 141,200
    46: 150,000
    47: 156,300
    48: 162,800
    49: 172,400
    50: 179,300
    51: 186,300
    52: 196,700
    54: 211,500
    59: 259,300
    60: 269,400

    61: 279,600
    66: 336,100
    67: 348,900
    71: 403,600
    72: 419,000
    73: 434,600
    74: 450,500
    75: 466,600
    76: 484,500
    77: 502,700
    78: 521,000
    79: 539,800
    80: 558,800

    81: 579,700
    82: 600,900
    83: 622,400
    86: 690,200
    87: 714,500
    88: 739,200
    89: 764,100
    90: 789,400
    91: 816,800
    92: 846,300
    100: ?
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    New Items for New Levels

    Level 1 to 10
    Spoiler: show

    Level 1

    Level 2

    Level 3
    +3 crop plots
    Potted Flowers / Gazebo

    Level 4

    Level 5
    News Stand
    Yellow Roses / Let it Snowman

    Level 6
    Clay Pots / Wood Fences

    Level 7

    Level 8

    Level 9
    Dark chocolate
    Chocolatier boost
    Hedges / Cow & chicken skins

    Level 10
    Fishing Pond
    Piper's Tree House
    Bait Shop
    Dough bait
    Fried egg
    Bait shop boost
    Mole Mound / Hay Block /
    Gnome Home / Building skins

    Level 11 to 20
    Spoiler: show

    Level 11
    Apple Tree
    Potted Asters / Stone Walls

    Level 12
    Pig (1st pen)
    Pig feed
    Simple Bird House / Deluxe Bird House / Pig skin

    Level 13
    Windmill (1st)
    Windmill boost
    Wheelbarrow / Hitching Post / Pig skin

    Level 14

    Level 15
    Hot Air Balloon Station
    Brown sugar
    Bakery boost
    Dog House / Flourishing Fences / Brown Corgi Puppy / Super Glider Stop

    Level 16
    +3 crop plots
    Sheep (1st pen)
    Feed Mill (2nd)
    Sheep feed
    Apple pie
    Dog Park / Sheep skin / Siamese Kitten

    Level 17

    Level 18

    Level 19

    Level 20

    Level 21 to 30
    Spoiler: show

    Level 31 to 40

    Level 41 to 50
    Spoiler: show

    Level 41

    Level 42
    Wheelbarrow Planter

    Level 43
    +3 crop plots
    Banana Tree
    Chocolate banana
    Fried banana
    Burmese Cat

    Level 44

    Level 45
    Toy Maker
    Rocking horse
    Country Villa / Villa Swimming Pool / Villa Fountain

    Level 46
    +3 crop plots
    Rice cracker
    Toy train
    Swiss Mountain Dog / Water Wheel Fountain

    Level 47

    Level 48
    Peach Tree
    Peach cider
    White Rabbit

    Level 49

    Level 50

    Level 51 to 60

    Level 61 to 70

    Level 71 to 80
    Spoiler: show
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