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Thread: Buy/Sell advertisements

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    Lightbulb A new option for the newspaper

    As we have the newspaper in the game, why don't we use it not only for advertising the things we sell but also for posting orders for the items we'd like to buy? You could add to the newspaper another page with user's orders, and those we could fulfil in the same way as we load the train. Each player could be allowed to post one free order for a certain period, just like the free promotion in the shop, maybe additional orders for gems, like additional promotions, too. Of cause, the items ordered should be prepaid by the buyer, and the seller shold get the money as soon as he submits the goods.

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    Love this idea! Have a wanted ads tab.
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    Buy/Sell advertisements

    It would be great if we had ability to post want ads, ie items which we need to complete an order.

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    You can post on your wall in game or you can use the Farm 2: Buy/Sell thread on Farm Story 2 forum. Hope this helps.

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    Sign to Advertise our Farms

    I would like to suggest adding a sign of some sort that players could take advantage of (or not) to "advertise" what they're selling. For example, when a player visits another farm, there could be a pop-up that announces to visitors whatever message that farm wants to say, like "Welcome to XYZ Farm". Alternately, it might also be used to advertise what the farm might be specializing in (if anything), such as "Chocoholica Farm - Chocolate Goods Galore" or something like that.

    If a pop-up might be too distracting, then perhaps it could be a decoration that a visitor could tap on that would expand to show the message.

    Such a sign or decoration might be helpful, as it might guide some players to start to specialize in what they sell, especially now with more livestock feed being needed and taking longer and longer, and some players might not have the crops needed to craft feed but would gladly buy it from someone else who is specializing in it.

    Not sure how viable this idea might be, but just thought I'd put it out there.

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    An Ad Posting for Items

    I think it would be great if there was a feature where we could basically ask other players for items that we need (like when trying to complete train deliveries). There are so many times where I visit every friend I have and for hours visit other farms looking for an item and can't find it. If there was an interface where I could let players know what I'm looking for (and how many) and then they could click my name and offer to sell however many they had and wanted to sell me (but no more than what I'm asking) and then if I agree the deal is made and I buy their item (just like when using the newspaper feature). And of course every time someone sells me the item(s) my ad visible to everyone would decrease or go away if I got all that I wanted. For example, if I created an ad that said I need 20 eggs, and someone offers to sell me 5, then my ad would automatically adjust to me needing 15 after I buy the 5. And once I've gotten the 20, the ad goes away. I figure each ad could last 1 day before it expires. I think this would be both helpful and cool. Maybe the person selling could get experience for helping people get items they need.

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    Specialty License for market items

    Charge us 10 gems to sign up for a speciality license in the market, where we can only sell a certain category, for example, crop items, crafting items, baking items, sushi items etc. Then the people who sign up for this will be signed up for a speciality newspaper each of the categories. Then when trying to fill train orders or order warehouse orders, creating items etc, we will be directed to people who will be selling items in that category. It doesn't guarantee we'll get the exact item we want, but it will give us a chance to find the right people selling the type we want. If we ever want to change our speciality license we just have to spend 10 gems to do it.
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