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Thread: Quest: Campfire Cooking (January 2016)

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    Quote Originally Posted by phatzs View Post
    Yes I am ok lol. However I can't remember who said this about the android thing and marshmallows, but HOLY SMOKES IT WORKED! I decided to use my daughter's galaxy tablet(I use my iphone and ipad) for my last collection and I got 5, yes that is right 5 stinking marshmallows! I am beyond excited! Now to roast what I need!
    Thanks for sharing this! I'm about to log into android on my phone and see what happens. If he gives it I can unlock the crumble.

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    Ugh im on android. ..galaxy s5 phone only ever got 1

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    used about 30 gems, but made it happen just in time. this is the first event I've ever had to spend gems on to finish and I've been playing this game for almost a year now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rynetory2 View Post
    I'm not sure if you had this pop up...

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    Nope never got this pop up and all is up to date. I would be more annoyed at not having this than the darn quest recipes!

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    With 10 minutes left until the end of the event, I'm stuck 1 marshmallow short of finishing. Ouch...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaybeast72 View Post
    Nope, I'm Galaxy all the way and haven't gotten 5 yet! :{ I'm jealous but very happy for you, must feel like a giddy lil' schoolgirl when that realization occurs; that is, that you just whooped that quests bum - pow, pow, humph take that Yeti!

    I'm, on the other hand, finished with all but 4 marshmallows for Winter Crumble but only have 60min left. Wanted to collect all til I leveled up but... and unless I'm not feeling like myself on a particular day I'll never fork over 48gems for a food item unless it's gem producing. So sorry Winter Crumble. I only use my "homemade, never store-bought" gems for decor. ';.]
    It was exciting and crazy considering I've been using iOS the whole time and only got one drop until this last one. It's still unfair that not everyone got big drops. I also wish it was more lower level friendly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aerial123456 View Post
    With 10 minutes left until the end of the event, I'm stuck 1 marshmallow short of finishing. Ouch...
    Me too ... Ouch indeed.

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    Sorry to bother I know it was explained to me yesterday but today I made my last toasted marshmallow and cant find how to buy regular marshmallows, someone please help as I'm against the clock! Any extra recepices are appreciated, thank you!

    Nevermind just saw the event was over, that's a bummer but did best I could. Now was first time all day I could buy marshmallows from hospital and just a little too late.

    Here is to hoping I make the next one. Short three recepices but have a few new ones to add to book. As always,despite circumstances I had fun with all of you!
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    thx , now I have 2 locked recipes sitting there

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    This campfire disaster reminds me of the older cruises where it was impossible to finish. Resent I am now stuck with recipes that cost hundreds of jewels to unlock. Some people have jobs where they frown on playing games. The yeti never dropped more than one marshmallow. Won't rate this 5 stars that's for sure. Bummer.

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