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Thread: No reaction of the "catalog" bar

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    No reaction of the "catalog" bar

    I have played the games over two years while i found that the "catalog" bar always had NO reaction when i slided the bar instead of pressing the arrow button to go to previous/next page, the only way for me to solve this problem is to re-load the apps again and again... Please help to solve this problem, thanks!

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    I'm not understanding what exactly is going on. Can you explain a little more, or post a picture, so I can report this to the support team?
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    hello, i have the same problem. the catalog bar is not working, i can't select clothes or put clothes on my shop. i can only slide on the left or right

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    Same problem if u deleat and reinsteal tha help

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    This happens at least once a day for need to close the app and go back in...sometimes it happens 2 or 3 times in a row and it's annoying for sure but closing the app always helps..

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    Only happen on my iPad and once a session as least where it won't let me select from the catalog when I'm selecting items.

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    I've been currently getting this problem more and more, atm my order slots are unresponsive, when i click on the clothes i have ordered its not doing anything but clicking on the tables and racks underneath the slots tab. Next time it happens i'll try and record a video of it whats happening in case you guys need it. The problem doesn't really show up in a screen shot.

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    Solution for this one

    Sounds familiar to me. I have this issue popping up every time I'm ordering too fast because I'm using a touch pen which allows me to order pretty quickly.

    To avoid the messy catalog just take your time and order slowly. Like tapping a slot, wait for 2 sec before tapping the next slot. This is IMHO the best solution until the problem maybe gets fixed one day.

    Oh and: personally I don't face this issue on my Androids. It's only occurring on iOS devices.

    Hopefully this was some useful information.

    Have a blessed and safe new year's eve everyone!!

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    Solution doesn't work. Happens 2-3x per ordering. Catalog is unresponsive, I have to force close the game and reopen it. Only occurs on iPhone 5 with iOS 10, 6s/12, iPad 4 mini/12.
    My Android's catalog purrs like a cat. (Galaxy Note 3, Lollipop 5.0)

    Hope this info helps
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